ST On Japanese Cabinets

I remember last year at Evo2k7 someone brought a Japanese cabinet with ST. There was also Neil’s supergun. That’s two arcade STs right there.

I would be willing to buy a Japanese cabinet and bring it to Evo.

ST deserves to be on arcade if only for nostalgic reasons.

i think people might support putting ST on cabinets, but they’d probably rather play on console than on japanese cabinets. most people play on American sticks.

most people do not play on american sticks. but using a super gun with st:gmx would be perfect.(because there is a ps1->jamma port made) people could easily use their sticks on the super gun.

most likely ST wont ever be ran on superguns. it will be DC st or ST:HD for ps3.

My money is yours. Start the Paypal donations. And if you disappear, I have a passport so I can find you in Mexico.

WHy does everyone think most people do not play on American sticks? We sold 20,000 American arcade sticks when I was at NubyTech, which sure as heck outsells every other Japanese arcade stick released in the US. They are a lot more popular than you think. Everyone I know where I live prefers American sticks, all the old schoolers I know prefer American sticks. Out of the 40 people off the top of my head I can think of, only 5-6 prefer Japanese. It’s all dependent on the age of the gamer, what they grew up playing on (arcade or console), and what game they play.

Also, this PS1/Jamma converter? Not tested yet. You still need to wire the thing up properly too, which is an extra harness. It’s not exactly plug and play.

Shirts? You aren’t getting a Japanese cabinet. You don’t even like Japanese sticks, and you don’t even have a board!

The common Street Fighter player these days actually uses a japanese-style stick. It has become a fact over the past few years, although I agree with you that it has been a very slow progression and a buttload of people bought the Nubytech stick. hell, I bought one, and then stopped using it the next day :tdown:
but it’s all good.

there are a select handful of people who can play on both styles. Justin Wong is one. I am another because I actually do better on american style controls for MvC2, but I play everything else well on japanese style. Probably because I grew up with american controls and didnt play much else until I was playing on Hori sticks. most players today are playing on horis, or bootleg horis, or custom horis, etc. I saw every few american-style sticks at C3.

i use American style sticks. and i find that most people prefer sanwa/semitsu.

also i am getting an American ST cab. if you guys would like it can be there for evo if somebody takes it over there. keeps it in perfect condition. doesnt fuck with ANYTHING without asking me before hand. the thing is… im not really sure when i will be getting it though. hopefully before evo.

and the controller is very simple to set up in a cab/ supergun. laugh said it was 15 wires that needed to be soldered and it will work. also i am 100% sure that the ps1->jamma ports will have 1 frame of delay at the most.

Needs some keyboard and ps1 controller love.

That should just never get love as far as ST goes imho.

You mean common “fighting game” player, not Street Fighter player. Most new kids are being summoned to use Sanwas, but to this day (even with people saying arcades are dead, and there being a thriving arcade route scene) the standard is still US sticks on arcade. Granted console is different, but viewing a tournament scene with less than 100 people is not the way to gauge the stick crowd.

Can you imagine if peripheral companies did that for sales? See a small amount of players sampled and assume it as the norm? Fact of the matter is that a lot of people are still nostalgic about the BEAST and American stick. Anything pre-ST from over 28 year old players grew up on these sticks. Some might “move” to the Japanese stick, I’m not denying those are better if you started from scratch on them, or re-learn how to play on them, but there are more people in the US still after the American stick, but not necessarily going to each and every tournament.

Sales don’t lie. If an American peripheral company RELEASED another bulky American stick, they would sell. No question. THey would outsell any Japanese stick here on the market. I’ve got all the numbers and NPD data to prove it beyond a doubt, but yes, there is increased demand in Japanese sticks lately, mainly because no arcades have fighting scenes, and they were introduced to that stick FIRST.

James: until that adapter is thoroughly tested, can’t say it’s “perfect” yet. Needs a few hours of play VS. on cabinets. Remember what happened when everyone “assumed” CCC2 was perfect?

I can play on both, but it depends on what kind of American stick we’re talking about. I’m only 23 and I remember the arcades using only American parts and they weren’t that bad either. I only prefer Japanese parts because they feel better to me. It’s all preference at the end of the day.

And yeah, ST on cabinets would be nice.

Jap sticks are not more popular in the U.S than American sticks.

i was saying 1 frame at the most. also i think that if i had said lag free i would be jumped on really fast about that.

laugh if somebody is up to it you should send somebody a converter to test. possibly NKI could do it?

Evolution is a console tournament

No shit.

I’d totally donate to this if some sort of tournament came out of it - even on the side, I don’t care, I just want to compete in real ST somehow.


i love those japanese sticks
esp those tekken 5 hori’s

There are japanese (and other) cabs floating around the community like the ones we played on at the DBQ BBQ. The problem with using the cabs is the cost of shipping them to Vegas. Who pays for this? The price is pretty steep, but if people are willing to help out with the costs, it’s possible to get them there.

P.S. general ballpark cost for shipping and handling say, 3 cabs would probably be at least $2000. Do you think people would pony up this kind of cash?


20 peeps to donate $100. Sounds feasible. :bgrin:

You don’t know what you are talking about.

It would cost around 350 each to ship.

There are hella jap cabs floating around the community. I don’t know how many ST boards though. Jap cabs are really small and light. You can actually fit them pretty easily in an SUV. Some people have even disassembled them and put them in cars.

Anyway, my point is that with enough notice and some incentive I’m sure there would be some people that would be willing to drive and bring their cabs with them to evo.

Not that I care, I’m just saying it’s possible.