ST on Ps1.

ok, well evo is over. this isnt a thread to put anyone down, or to complain or talk shit on any single person. this is a thread to try to help break down the crap of a game ps1 ST is compared to arcade.

First off, i am 100% of these two differences between arcade version and ps1 version.

balrogs standing fierce whiffs on deejay on console, where as on arcade it forces him to block. this is a main factor in the match, where rog can normally hold his opponent into a force block, and charge meter i might add, now on console, deejay can easily hurl max-outs at will with no hesistation… (rog is trash in this match now.)

bisons fierce flame does not travel full length of screen through an opponent and somehow winds up stopping right behind, and even in some cases, in front of his opponent. this is a huge factor for chipping and other set ups.

i have heard a few people call me as a bullshitter on these issues, and guess what, fuck you, put some money up or shut the hell up. simple. another couple differences that were noticed were by kuni. 2 button lariat instead of 3 ruins the game plan of people who “piano tap” buttons to make sure moves come out. this is a huge factor specially to kuni. so, if anyone noticed anymore things wrong with this version, please make a note, and if anyone wants to bet me that im wrong, lets do it.

gg po,

btw, i know evo is a tough event to run, so dont put me in the category of being someone who complains and what not. even after the crap between me and staff, i still helped, so f that idea.

You suck…LOL! There are no differences between console and Arcade. They’re perfect! Perfect, I say! Playing on sticks on the floor or on your lap or on a table don’t affect your game. You’re delusional, old man. New School is coming up (on a game that’s 10 years old). Shoot, during my tournament run of top 3, the game was already 6 years old. ^_- Team Old School is done. You must accept the fact that scrubby console, unpure ST is the, ahem, “future.” It’s rather sad actually. The actual differences go beyond mere software differences.

We can turn around and say, “Hey, play in our Arcade only ST tourney!”…but then Team Old School would look like sore losers unwilling to admit defeat. Then again, I doubt in an Arcade ST tourney, Team New School would even come close in a Round Robin-type format. The final score would be PURE domination.

that is all.

Holy crap, there was differences?! Anyone know if 3DO’s version or the DC version has those type of differences as well?

I can see it now, next year EVO will have 8 3DO’s on the show floor LOL!

I’d take DC ST over PS1 ST anyday.

The hell with the differences. How in the world did you guys deal with the loading times? That would have driven me insane.

Anybody know which version of console ST is the absolute closest to the real thing? Is the PS1 the “best” version or was it selected because it might have been easier to obtain?


From what I remember hearing, it had to do with the fact that Dreamcasts are so unreliable in regards to working with different sticks… ie controller ports going bad, fried sticks, etc. I think I saw that in a thread somewhere when people went in an uproar that MVC2 wasn’t going to be on Dreamcast.


the fact of the matter is, nobody is arguing with you at all that there are differences. In fact, I’m sure there are differences, because even I noticed a lot of wack stuff going on during this tournament. It’s the major reason I DIDN’T pick O.Sagat during the entire thing.

I’m really sorry that people like Afrolegends, NKI, Buktooth, and I did so well during this ST tourney, because it seems some people just don’t want to give us credit. I was saying all along that new school was getting better, but nobody wanted to listen. Then EVO comes along and WHAM it hits the old school in the face, and everybody is running around looking for a scapegoat.

YES, there are vital differences between PS1 and arcade versions of ST. BUT the Old School players knew for MONTHS prior to EVO that the game was going to be played on the PS1 console. If you have any reason for losing at EVO, it’s not because the game was on PS1, it’s because there was a total lack of preparation by the Old School to figure out what the differences were from arcade version. You can’t come into a major Street Fighter tournament so cocky in your ability that you just assume you can pick up any version of the game, despite changes, and kick the crap out of everybody. ESPECIALLY for a game like ST that people only play 1-2 times a year competitively from the start.

Watson, I respect you immensely, but at EVO you kept saying I was a complainer when I was trying to find a place for me and Afrolegends to play. But it seems to me that after EVO, all you’ve been doing is complaining about “crappy console ST.” The fact of the matter is, whether we played on PS1 or DC or PS2 AE version, you would have complained REGARDLESS if you had lost. YES, we all agree there are differences, and that’s not the issue. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but this year it was the New School who practiced up and got ready for EVO, while the Old School just thought they could bring their same game they bring every year without preparing…and it slapped you guys in the face.

Bottom line: I’m not afraid to play anybody in ST on any version. If you want to play me on arcade to prove some kind of pride thing, then I’d be more than happy to do it for 20 bucks or whatever. If it really means that much to you then I’d be more than happy to do it. But if anything this year, we saw that the New School ST players are more than willing to prepare for major tournaments and step up where the old school players are leaving off.

Maybe next year, you’ll cut the crap and we’ll finally do Old School vs. New School. But of course, I’m sure you’ll just talk more trash about how we suck and got lucky and it’s console and blah blah blah. The disrespect is ridiculous coming from you especially, Watts. Why don’t you just take everything away from othe people that placed this year because you didn’t prepare for PS1? Oh, wait, you already did…

3DO’s version is the WORST! You can’t use “original” characters in this version! Some moves are totally different for certain characters like Blanka and T.Hawk I believe. Its only saving grace was it introduced the arranged music themes you hear now in AE.

I’m pretty sure he was being scarastic for the 3DO. Besides I no longer have that version and can’t donate it, and I doubt it’ll be easy to obtain both systems and games for it.

We can always do turney on Revival on GBA.

Actually, I dunno what the future would be at EVOs. Is it PS1s? See, I don’t think Cigarbob could build enough sticks to run ST all on Arcade. Another option would be laptops with ST Rom. Until then, it seems PS1 is our future.

And that will be the defining factor for EVOs to come; who will practice at home, learning the variables of PS1 ST, or PS2 3S, or DC MvC2? I personally miss the days of arcade (which is still present at ECCs and MWCs) but it looks like all good things come to an end.


DC version is as fucked up, if not MORE fucked up than the PS1 version. That’s one of the main reasons why they didn’t use it this year.

And the option of using AE as ST only is out of the question, considering that AE is not ST to begin with and has its own crazy shit of its own.

I don’t think Watson is using the PS1 as an excuse, Phil. He’s just stating his opinion that the PS1 version is not accurate. I don’t take anything way from where you placed at all. You pulled it out. Not like you fought nothing but Balrogs all day.

Also, it’s tough to adjust to a change on home systems. It’s why we stuck to MvC2 on DC, because most of those players were not willing to accept some of the changes that could affect gameplay. A whole fight can be changed by one simple inconsistency, and that’s a hard thing to “adjust” to so quickly.

In any case, I’m not making excuses for anyone here. And I still congratulate you on your awesome finish. If this re-kindles some interest in new-school vs. old-school for ST next year, I’m all for it! But before we do that, we need to find a proper version of ST. Other players colmplained to me about stuff that caused them to die that wouldn’t have happened on the arcade version. So it’s not just Watson or Kuni, but a few others as well.

We’re looking into it. But please don’t see this as any form of old-schoolers sticking up for old-schoolers. It’s just that having an arcade accurate version is always preferable. It’s hard to adjust 10 years of ST knowledge.

  • James

James, no need to find the “proper version.” There’s only one proper version and that’s Arcade ST.

Awesome speech. Congrats on Evo. But, in the end, it was on console. Console is watered down. The differences go beyond engine differences.

In my view, all Evo2k5 ST results is set up the Old School vs. New School Arcade ST matchup in the near future. I guarantee WE dominate. And, yes, it’s all about pride. The game originated in the arcade and that’s the only version that gets respect. Although I respect you, DSP, as a player, you have no chance against me, Watson, Valle, Choi, heck, even Jabari (you’ve probably never heard of him, but, trust me, you won’t even touch him in Arcade ST. I’ll play for large sums of $$$, pride or whatever. Let’s set this Old School vs. New School up. If I have to front a $1000, I’ll do it.

i made this thread to see if anyone else had more issues with this version. i dont care who placed what and what, and to be honest, i really only recall dsp placing decently high and gian winning. i didnt make a bashing thread, so get off that garbage already. if anyone sees any more dramatic differences, please share, so if for some lame reason, this is the version of the future tournament, i dont have to spend hours and hours trying to make changes in a 15 year old game that are almost automatic in my gameplay… so dsp, get off me, no one is talking about you here, no one cares. gj, bottom line. share differences please!

maybe next year shit shold just be running off of st rom on computer screens like 3 or 4 setups + cigarbob’s cab, that would be the best

while we are at the topic of console vs arcade Id like to point out how much I hate console. not due to the exact same reasons as watts, but its more of a comfort issue for me. I cant sit on the floor in any position without moving or wanting to move while Im playing. I use chairs but that still doesnt work. Im not saying I will do better or worse if I had the level of comfort I have when I play on a cabinet but atleast Id be going out knowing I was comfortable. there are people that have set ups that are similar to arcade. why not use some of those? playing against people who feel very comfy playing on the floor on their stick they been using forever while I squirm my butt around trying to get comfy and playing on sticks that Im not familiar with doesnt justify all the time and money I put in to make it to evo.

A few things I noticed that haven’t been mentioned yet:

I was swept by a O. Sagat low RH after O. Sagat blocked the Honda super. This does not work in the arcade version.

Honda’s corner bearhug into low RH crossup trick did not work against O. Sagat. This works in the arcade version.

I saw a match where Dhalsim executed a super when Ryu jumped in at him. Ryu then executed a three hit combo right through Dhalsim’s super. This does not work in the arcade version.

Those were the main three things that I remember from the top of my head.

I understand the not being comfortable thing, but to say marvel is different on console(DC) doesnt sit right with me. And tourney is one thing because thats what you came for, but why put up money on something your not comfy with? At least when watson lost he shook dsp’s hand. You cant win em’ all.

you got it misconcepted homie. it wasnt my money. it was 2 different people who fronted a bill each. I told them not to and if they were then dont put up so much but I guess they had faith in a dood. it also wasnt me socking walls and shit. I aint shake your hand just because I was disapointed losing other peeps money plus frustration with not playin right. but yo I was going to get at you a minute after when my head was cool but didnt do so after hearing you was talking mad shit. infact I stayed away from you cuz I didnt want to do somethin stupid. I never said nothing about engine differences. I aint into the game like them other technical heads to even know the diff. that was never an issue. you won and I never said shit to take it from you.