ST on PSN?

I received several PMs on XBL about PSN getting ST Classic… Can aonyone confirm this? I snooped around the net but couldn’t find anything. I am assuming this false. But I thought this would be a good place to ask.

-Fatty :karate:

I think it’d be awesome. But of course, the purists will pooh pooh anything other than CPSII.

I haven’t heard anything either; sounds pretty unlikely right now. If they ever made a current-gen port/emulation of ST and there were no issues, that would be fantastic. But if it’s like 3-4 frames of input lag again, then that’s really not competitively usable.

  • It is well known fact that most fighting games on PS3 have extra input lag across the board.

  • I dont think anyone would mind if the console port is indeed play like the arcade version.

  • Even sirlin himself hated playing HDR on PS3

  • MVC2 didn’t get a remix treatment, and yet people don’t like to play MVC2 on the latest console. They would rather play arcade or DC version. (see also SBR or ask any top marvel players)

Thanks for making my point.

No one wants to play on shitty input lag, geo. Having reasonable standards is different from whatever the hell you’re accusing the community of.

By your logic, no one wants to play on PS3. Which is not true.

Nah, that’s not my logic, but if you can keep your babyzone to yourself I’d appreciate it.

No one likes lag.

I thought you should have replied in this thread instead.

Yes there is input lag on windows7/vista by default, and there are ways to get around it. You should try it.

arcade > ggpo on XP > xboxlive classic mode > ggpo on windows 7 > PS3 PSN on wifi

Well, there might be some reasons people would prefer ps3. Maybe because PSN is free, or they prefer the ps3 controller. Or that PS3 is the only system that they own.

Other than that, yeah, most fighters on PS3 suck just because of the input lag.

I’ve tried those things. still didn’t feel right. it had this “floaty” feeling. I don’t know if 'm describing it right. Its just not the same.

Yeah that’s the exact word I’d use to describe the windows 7 fba experience. ( I have dual boot). I guess that’s the reason why you, dgv, xspr and others would not prefer to play on ggpo.

I guess I’m not going to replace my 6 years old desktop for the time being since most new computers out there won’t even run XP anymore.

BTW, ggpo does have annoying problem of not able to connect games on 1st try. That alone would piss a lot of people off.

Lol at babyzone comment.

I find HDR on PS3 to be more than acceptable, and I own a cab with CPSII ST that I can play on any time I like as well. There’s lots of people who can enjoy fighting games on the PS3 just fine.

Did you come into the ‘ST on PSN’ thread simply to say that you refuse to play it? Er, ok.

even with good connection, GGPO at random times does this robot buzz thing. its like “bzzt! zap! bzzzz”

If I had no other options, probably.

Since HDR is a pen and paper RPG though, what rule set would we be using?


I’m sorry, I caught all that bullshit after the edit. Mind just putting it in a new post?

“bzzt! zap! bzzzz”

That only happens when you cheat, like using turbo or macros.

Sorry but you’re exposed.

Quitjocking would like a word with you.

Actually, if most of my player base were similar to guys who think Cammy jump MP is unstoppable and can’t discern between CPSII and a game with a tested 3-4 frames of input lag… well, I’d probably just play Super Street Fighter 4.

I use both, “Humurbo” and “Humacros”. And it’s definitely cheap. WTF 720’s from every which way. no way to explain it other then humacro + humurbo combo.

Sometimes playing on ggpo I randomly hear balrog voice clip say six even though there is no balrog

I think on this basis, my original post in this thread holds :slight_smile:

Nah, it doesn’t. You just think it does.

Since you can’t tell, I would play anyone else in PS3 ST (edit: if we had no other choice). But if I had to play you (edit: In any situation other than money match/tournament), I’d probably just play Street Fighter 4 with other players.