ST Online w/ negligible lag

Hey, so, I think alot of people might not check the computer matchmaking forum much.

I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that ST is currently playable online on emulators with very small amounts of lag.

Using the new emulator nFinal Burn Alpha, and its associated peer to peer kaillera client, I consistently have 2 frames of lag playing people on the same coast of the United States.

(mame .64 lags slightly more but is still pretty good on peer to peer)

There are currently online ST ranking battles going on every Sunday. Take a look at the thread for info:

The ranking battles use an interesting system where higher ranked players have a handicap in number of wins needed to beat lower ranked players to win a match. This makes every match fun and challenging for everyone.


Don’t be afraid if you’re a noob, as there are plenty of other noobs, and the handicap system will make it very possible for you to hand losses to players at the top of the ladder.

Better players are of course also encouraged to join and come get some :badboy:

Dude I am there! Thanks!:wgrin:

What is this?

I’ve been playing everyday for the past week. I’ll join the tourny as soon as I get my stick for CPU. Right now all I got is keyboard; which lowers my skill by about 85%. Looking foward to it though. Great idea for posting here Brian!

Thanks for this thread brian. I always wondered why everybody on here didn’t play on kaillera but figured it was because online play has such a bad rep. I look at it this way,
it will never replace offline play but I tell you what. It lets me play my favorite game everyday against good, and I mean good, comp. and I’ve met some cool people up in there.

Like brian said, nFBA is the muthafuckim shit. I don’t have an XBox and there isn’y an ST cab anywhere in site where I live so I’m restricted to Kaillera. And I love it.
I try to recruit as many people as I can into Kaillera play and our ranbats we hold every Sunday.

I’m sure ShinVega will vouch for me in the quality of ST in there.

You will bump into assholes and cheaters but If you already played on XBox, I hear there is plenty of that to go around so It shouldn’t scare you away.

I offer my help in whatever I can do to get as many people to come out.
For example if you can’t get P2P going or links needed.

And if I can’t solve your problem than I’ll call on the big guns like Raisin who is a lil more knowledgebel with the tech stuff.

So doesn’t some good comp. in the game you love sound like the shit ?


I always wonder how I would do against all the top posters so yeah, come get some lol

I really need to increase my rating. I keep doing stupid shit like losing the first game by 1 pixel of life and then switching to a character I don’t know how to play, which results in me losing the next 3 or so games before I switch back to my main (Claw).

Ill be there very soon i have it set up just have to get a good joystick. I tried with no success to play with the key board and i could not even do a charge or motion.

Do you need to use final Burn? I have mame .64. I do need to set up P2P then I might jump into this as well.

I hope the lag really is okay for command moves and combos. Man that Tekken 3 online is just annoying with the crap lag and all. I have been trying to perfect my “JEDI” foresight skills with Tekken 3.

And the Jedi mind trick too… You will get hit by my “MOVE”…

Damn 4sec lag time… :C

.64 is currently acceptable and used by many people. I highly recommend trying nFBA though.

.64 online feels like Capcom Classics Collection 2 bad. All my timing is off (even basic bread ‘n’ butter combos such as Claw’s j fierce, c forward, c strong are difficult). nFBA is just so much better.

Get at me when you guys are ready or if you need any help. Either through MSN,AIM,YIM, or PM.

Again…everyone is welcome. There are all kinds of skill level in the house so there is Good Games for all.

i use kawaks, i think it works better for cps2 games…any east coast players?

good as ggpo?

if youre relatively close, and have a good connection, yes.

There’s a lot of east coast players.

Probably its not quite as good as ggpo, but Im not sure because I can’t get ggpo to work :(.

2 frames of lag is plenty good enough.

I tried out nFBA with ST yesterday against an opponent with <40ms ping (played about an hour). The button delay itself is pretty much the same as GGPO, that is, almost non-existent. :lovin: But some problems were:

  1. Chatting in-game causes the game to frameskip/lag moderately badly
  2. For random periods during games, the frameskip would be extremely bad (like fewer than half the frames actually showing, although actual button registration seemed unaffected). In other words, very choppy looking.

I didn’t notice any sound garbling issues. Overall, it beats even P2P Kaillera thanks to the GGPO-like button delay.

I think certain settings have helped a lot of diffrent people. Might be computer specific so go up in the computer and handheld match making forum and look around or ask for help in the nfba thread.

One plus for nfba is it isn’t a resource hogg. I have Mame 0.117 and I couldn’t run ST on it because my PC can’t handle it. I had to use 0.64

But with nfba I can run 3s even * sorry for even mentioning that game in this section *

Kawaks is another good alternative but it can’t even come close to the dopeness of nfba and most people are reluctant to use it for fear of cheaters, or just plain stubbornness.

The level of competition varies by a huge degree. Some ppl I play have no idea how to play the game i.e. they can’t even perform specials. Most ppl have a general knowledge of the game and most of the moves, but rarely use “playing to win” tactics (almost all of them use tick throws). The ppl from are there a lot of times. I played one player by the name DGV in the server, who kicked my ass all over the place (even though I’m using kb I could still see that he obviously could win a tournament), he never miss-executed any move, used devastating combos, almost godly lock down tactics, and never let up (which is a good thing); his last tourny was b5. Basically, more than likely you get a nice level of comp. and have fun (which is what it’s all about).

Played some more matches today, and was it basically perfect, with none of the problems I mentioned before. I guess you just need to ensure both parties have good connection qualities. Overall the frame delay feels about 2 or 3 frames max.