ST or AE at EVO?


AE with restrictions, no redizzy, no CE Bison, etc.

What are the differences?
i never heard much on AE, but if anything, pick ST.

i dunno ink. I would like to see AE used, but the one of the main problems i see with using AE is the fact that they haven’t released the American version of it, meaning not everyone will have a good chance of playing it and experiencing the engine. I’ll stick with ST


btw, a poll would’ve been good.

Well on one hand AE is an excellent idea (in theory) and MWC is highlighting it. OTOH that tourney is a month before evo, so we won’t really know how AE is recieved until after then.

I heard that some players don’t consider the DC ST to be perfect anyway, if thats the case i say just go to AE, if people are going to bitch they can do it over AE at least.

Also can you make the ‘official’ <game> at evo threads stickied, people are making copycats and i almost missed the xsf one.

AE! It’s a refreshing way to revitalize the scene. After all, it is tradition to play the newest version of the game available. Why not AE? Is it possible to get an arcade board for this game?

Who said anything about arcade?

Well, I heard something or other about a Japanese CPS2 board being released for AE a while back… Sure, the PS2 version would work just fine, but it doesn’t have that tingly arcade feel.

screw that man. Have HSF2:AE in there insted of ST

and have no restrictions, bans, etc. The main glitch (Normal Guile) has been taken out. Guile (Normal) has all his flash kicks the same height and all the sonic booms the same speed regardless of what button you press. I say, you can do redizzies, pick Akuma, pick every character in the game you want. Also, it is hard to dizzy/redizzy good players. Shoot, I got a stick and Dash Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut is hard as hell to execute even with the stick.

Nothing should be banned. Hell you can roll cancel in CVS2 in tournaments, right?

Also, the same character glitch should also be unbaned, since you can roll cancel and stuff

I’d say AE, besides people can’t really say that HSF shouldn’t be allowed just because it hasn’t been released in the US. You guys have been playing those characters for quite some time now anyway.

And to the guy saying the PS2 version doesn’t have that arcade feel to it, then just put a PS2 in an arcade cabinet then. :stuck_out_tongue:

ST unless a US version comes out of AE

While AE would be fresh, WW mode makes the game retarded. So, my vote would depend on whether or not WW characters were banned.

Before anyone gets stupid and thinks I have a problem with WW Guile; get a clue. EVERY character in WW mode makes matches lame.

Then again, there’s some pretty retarded shit going on that makes me glad I’m not interested in competing anymore(in fact, it probably encourages me to leave the scene). Why not change the domain name while you’re at it? That being said; retarded shit like WW mode doesn’t seem so out of place anyway.

Nope. Not gonna rant. I’ve made my feelings known plenty.


Super Turbo please!

I agree with others in this thread that AE is a new change. What is different is the play balance. Sure everyone that will play ST will have played the older games in the past but not necessarily against each other. If you look at some of the AE threads, folks will point out that there are some changes to the chars themselves such as no “holding the super” with Chun-Li.

I also agree with Apoc that the WW’s should not be allowed. Why? Play balance again. This was also the reason Akuma was banned from ST, right? Having AE is a gamble. It may infuse new blood into the brackets, or shun players so that the game bleeds to death at Evo.

Lastly, all the games played at Evo had their roots in the arcade. AE, although grandfathered from the arcade, is essentially a console game. I felt somewhat wierd seeing all the consoles at Evo and even moreso considering people want Smash Brothers there, but I digress. I say try to stick as close to the arcade roots as possible. ST in its arcade frm is still the best of the SF’s. 'Nuff said.


I played it yesterday in London’s Trocadero Arcade, presumably it will appear in US arcades soon.

Other issues:

Hold Super charges, ST.O.versions are both available in HSF2:AE as has already been explained in other threads by a simple selection procedure.

As for people needing time to learn the game, why is this even an issue? Most of the top players know all about the old versions of characters anyway and for those who dont, just use the ST characters. Its not like Hyperfighting Ryu is going to be calling assists or anything, just be aware or the few extra abilities of the handfull of old characters who are worth using:

HF Rog anti fireball turnpunch
HF Geif low lariat
HF Ryu invunerable frame Cyclone kick
HF Balnka updown kick ball.

Other than that just be respectfull of the extra dizzying ability.

Like Apoc, to me there is only one issue, WW characters. Im for a ban, CE and Hyperfighting characters may be able to dizzy easily and even redizzy but at leat you need to engineer a good opening and have good execution, the problem with WW characters is that they can dizzy with just repeated shorts and jabs and other such stupidity, no skill required just being close and mashing on one button:bluu:
My only doubt about a ban is if the WW charas a true WW charas they will have no wakeup moves meaning you could just trip them and then tick em to death, but this just makes the matches doubly retarded:confused:.
So again go with the ban! Lets see also what the Japanese do on this one, as they have had the CPS2 board for a while now.

Interesting prospects if AE is included are:

Just imagine how powerfull Jason ‘Shirts’ DeHaras would be with CE Dhalsim?

Alex Valle’s amazing reactions and already considerable Ryu knowlege using Hyperfighing Ryu with his invunerable first frame Cyclone kick.

Apoc using Hyperfighing Balrog with his anti fireball turnpunch and a other super powerfull tricks and who knows what some of the Japanese may do with some of the old characters?

Plus all the matchups against the already amazing ST characters like Diago’s Ryu and Cole’s Sim. For more on this check the HFSAE thread here:


I still haven’t heard any good, real reasons for replacing ST at Evo.

The “Change is good!” argument is a total red herring. It does nothing to address the questions: “What does AE offer as a tournament game that ST doesn’t, and do those things warrant replacing it?”

Is AE somehow a better game? How? Because it has more characters? Please. ST with Akuma has more characters than ST! Yet most US players accept that ST is a better game without him. Tossing in every incarnation of every SF2 character makes for an entertaining evening when you want to see how well HF Blanka fares against CE Bison or ST Sim. However, it’s not a scenario for the biggest tournament stage in the US.

Is it going to somehow garner more people coming? I don’t think people who weren’t previously considering going to Evolution are suddenly going to start hitting Expedia because AE gets added to the roster. On the flip side though, by removing ST, a tournament that can essentially run itself, you’re alienating a pretty devoted portion of the community.

I’d have no problem with AE if it was run as a side or exhibition tournament. To replace ST with it though would be a huge mistake. Interest in ST is at a high right now. Justin Wong’s success at Texas has made the MWC bet between the Empire and Watson a lot more interesting, which introduces the possibility of even more entertainment at Evolution.

ST has shown itself over the years to be a deep, interesting game to play and to watch. AE is untested here in the US as far as tournament play goes, and there seems to be no reason to replace a game that’s already proven its merits for one that hasn’t even been released here.

Evo’s taken a lot of big steps forward over the past couple of years with the addition of the 3D games and now, Smash Brothers. These additions have brought in new players that have made Evo THE event to attend. Don’t anchor that success by removing ST in favor of AE.

Is EVO turning into some sort of console event? I mean why not just have DC Alpha 3 and DC 3s and DC MVC2 since there doesn’t seem to be much care anymore. And then add SSBM and VOOT and Super Puzzle Fighter and Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix and Vampire Savior and Killer Instinct for SNES, and Donkey Kong Country 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters, and whatever stack of consoles and games people bring. :lol:

Don’t even joke about that.

Where have you been the past two years or so?

Also half the games you mentioned have arcade versions, so i don’t know what your implying there.

I agree with FMJigga. have both of them at evo :slight_smile: We can’t just turn down a fighting game from capcom just because its “different”. Is the ps2 version any different from the cps2 board?

“Masaka please could you give some more info on this situation? J.Wong plays ST now too! Interesting to have a bit of drama in the ST comp.”

I was at TS4 and on the dvdcrew we will have a ST dvd out pretty soon with the finals of of Justin wong vs Cole, and interviews with Cole talking about the empire vs watts at MWC

ts4 dvd will be sold at