ST P2P tourny registration!

ok ill be hostin this on wen. oct 3. at 7 pm.
so if u can play at that time than drop me ur aim, msn, whatever and p2p name.
and ur in. 32 player limit. so get to it!

Bushin Kid-

Ok, sign me up. So if this is p2p only, how can I notify you about the winning/losing and such?

Kaillera name: Zooropa Baby

It’s 7 pm “EST” right? And which emulator?

Btw, this is my very first time participating in an online tourney :smiley:

Sign me up

emu will be mame64, ssf2t world rom. p2p waiting games lobby for each match.
i will have each math lind up and post the line up whne i get all the players.
for contact. i will have a chat open in the godweapon server just so everyone can tell me the winner of the match and get there next oppnent.7pm est time.

ill join…but if it ends kinda late i might have to forfeit my spot but for now im in…yo bushin try to stay sober during this LOL…im lookin forward to this

ok 4 so far

bushin kid
spinal blood
nica K.O

lets keep em comin
tuesday is the cut off

Replace Dragonfave with “Zooropa Baby”, please…

WORD?!?!?! Sign me up son

Since it is p2p, I’ll enter if I’m on, but AIM me at the time the tourney starts to have a guarantee, best 3 of 5?

ill enter
but i cant create games for people to see
so whoever im playing will have to create the game

Sup Bushin,
Wanted to get up in this one, but I gotta work when you guys get started. I just kinda wandered upon the thread, really. You should prolly post an alert to the tourney on the “Online ST players unite!” thread.

Good luck to all.

Sign me up.

oh 1 more thing for sighn up, can u pleas say if u can host on p2p or not, so i can match u up acordingly. sign ups will end tonight at 9 pm est time.

Sure, throw me on there.

Also, I can host.

I can host with the public way

nm cant enter got prior plans on wednesday nights

I propose we pre-emptively ban DGV from this tourney. Dude is like the f-ing Patriots >_<

lol DAMN…oh yeah bushin just in case you forget man…i cant host games only connect so you know what to do lol

signed up

thats the brackets and rules.
will start at 7pm est time tonight. hope u guys are there.