ST participants from Japan

Does anyone know the top players from Japan will participate in the ST?

The only person that I’ve actually spoken to is Nuki. He said he has never played Remix before, and won’t be entering the tournament.

Daigo and Kuni will also be in the house, but I doubt they will enter Remix.

Though the three of them would make a pretty sick team for CigarBob’s 3-on-3. :looney:

then unless the top US players travel to Japan, we will never know how our o.sagat fare up against the top players there.
the only ones I can watch now are clips from year 2000 on youtube

o.sagat isn’t in HDR…
Also, there’s plenty of footage of this from past evos, like nuki vs choi in grand finals last year.

Is Mago going to be there? I thought Mike Ross said he was too.

You 09 members are really something. This thread already has two “lulz” if you actually read the comments. =)

CigarBob tourney should be some really good stuff can’t wait for vids of it. =)

Spoke with Tokido. He will not be attending this year.

So there are only 3 confirmed japanese players this year? Nuki, Daigo, Kuni?

How about Iyo?

Would be great to see Mago and Iyo at the event.

Well that leaves a Japanese C.Viper player out of this year’s Evo. :sad:

Oh well least we got plenty of US Vipers to represent the American spy.

Why did I post that in this thread?

2000? There are newer clips (06-08) that could give you that answer.

Is Itazan comming? I tried emailing him but I dunno if that is the right contact info for him anymore, if anyone could contact him for me that would be GREAT.

That sucks, some style is lost.

Daigo IS entering HD Remix this year. Get hype!

^lol thank goodness he’s not in my pool. I figure he would still enter turbo seeing as ryu still plays 95% the same as he did in ST. Watch him get top 8 without even bothering to look at the changes list.

who cares, we got tomo this year ^.^ that is if he’s still coming. lol

No Poongko? Dammit…:sad: :sad:

Now I can only seriously hope MAGO Shows up.

Where did you hear this?

^just type in his name in the evo registration page, apparently he’s only entering two games this year (sf4 and hdr)