St. Patty's Day Massacre - Brandon, FL Play N Trade - 3/17


**Game: **
Street Fighter 4

Play N Trade
2030 Badlands Drive, , Brandon
Florida, 33511
Off Lumsden Drive on Providence - near Old Chicago Pizza, just east of the Brandon Mall.

03/17 @ 1:00pm

$10 entry

99 second timer, best of 5 rounds. Finals will be best of 5 rounds, double elimination.
All characters, Seth if he’s unlocked on the HDD.

Contact/Additional Info

Signed-up before its too late!


Pending no disasters at work that day that I have to deal with, i’ll be there. Looking forward to some competitive/fun matches.

Hopefully I can scrub my way to some $$$ :rofl:


Protip: When in doubt, lariat.


BYOC - arcade sticks too? Or just standard 360 controllers?:pray:


Sticks too, which makes me happy.


The one and only bump.

Some of the rules have changed. Post has been edited to show changes. There might be a second place prize if enough people enter.

Seeya there!


Good Games to all there. Those were some fun matches. I find it awesome that there were only 2 shoto players there, one of which was pretty good.

That Rose player I fought in the finals was GOOD!


Are you guys planning on doing another one? I have a hard time finding xbox sf4 tournies in FL. I would’ve gone to this one but I was in Round 2 of the Gamestop tourny.


I think they said that they were planning another one. When they announce it, either me or Pilgrim_Pud will post something.



Last Saturday of every month at 1:00. More players, bigger prizes.





To anyone interested, I went to Play-N-Trade today and we are working to set up a tournament for Tuesday, 03/17 affectionately dubbed “The St. Patty’s Day Massacre.”

4 people so far have signed up (including **Pilgrim_Pud **and myself) and I contacted one of the guys from the last tourney whose group of friends were there. With any luck, we’ll get as good a turn out as last time (16 man tourney).


I’ll start going to more, b/c I really like playing but I just suck at this game still :slight_smile:
I missed the last one due to random act of work on a rare sat… but I should be able to come out to most of the w/e tourneys in the area…


OP updated. Entry fees and other undetermined rules will be posted soon.

I hope to see everyone that was at the original there as well. Lookin’ at you Clifford :wgrin:


I was planning to go but I saw that it was on a Tuesday. I got a class tuesday night, sorry.


It will probably be around 1:00, 3:00 at the latest. If you go to any of the local colleges (USF, HCC, etc.) in the evening, it shouldn’t be an issue. Also, I know this falls during USF’s spring break (that’s why I pushed for this date). Not 100% sure about the other colleges.

The last tourney took around 2 hours and that was for 16 people and some problems arising, including 2 xbox 360s getting the RRoD! :rofl:


I’m going to try and make it, but I might have work.
Question though, what happens if you don’t have an xbox 360 stick?
I play on the ps3 and use HRAP3.


You’re kinda boned. :sad: Play n Trade does offer standard 360 controllers, if you wanna try using that.


considering it’s on a tuesday means that I can make it!! I’ll be there!!


Glad to hear more people are looking to be there.

Also, glad to hear Tuesday is working out; considering it’s my day off. Just about all of my friends work on saturdays (so do I); and while it is repsectable that stores want tournaments on Saturdays to accomodate younger gamers who are in school, I don’t think there was a player at the last touney that was under 20.


Fuck that lol. If worse comes to worse ill just bring my ps3 or something and play friendly matches. would be cool if someone had an extra stick or something i could use, id even throw them a massive 5$.

Another question, a friend of mine wants to go and just watch, will there be any fee for that?