St. Pete Shodown, Cafe Alma


SUPER Street Fighter 4 Singles:

1: Bob Nadal, ZA ($35.00)
2: Booker, BI ($10.00)
3: Marc SOOOSSSSAAAA, BL ($5.00)
4: Prince, KE
5: Tyler, RU
5: Carey, HO
7: Big Pete, RU
7: Sean Belveal, BL
9: Ben, RO(?)
9: Brian Black, EL :crybaby:
9: Isaac, AD
9: Andre, CH

SUPER Street Fighter 4 Random Select:

1: Booker ($25.00)
2: Prince ($5.00)
3: Isaac
4: JT
5: Brian Black
7: Big Pete


Congrats to BobCustomChampion of cafe alma! Booker stay free and your a lucky fuck in random select tournament getting nothing but balrogs and Ryus lol Good shit to all and I will win next time. My Ken Mashters!!! and random selects will be on point lol and I will stay away from ZombieShoes"Loose" fightstick. Titans and Delly will get together for future tourney asap


grats bob




Thanks guys


I’m officially calling for an asterisk to go by all my past poor performances: *shitty fightstick



best part of the night was when Isaac mind fucked Marc with Blanka, his reaction was priceless!