St. Pete Showdown 4


  2. Carey “RajinCajin” (HO)
  3. Harold “Remora” (VI)
  4. Tyler (RU)
  5. Ian (AB)
  6. Bob (ZA)
  7. Will R (EL)
  8. Brian (EL)
    8-27) Who cares… :wgrin:

ST (jp)

  1. Bryant (BA)
  2. Isaac (BI)
  3. Carey (HO)
  4. Dave (GU)

lots of fun! GG’s to eveyone :slight_smile:

Super blows.

GG’s guys, Thanks for hosting again Brian.

Gg’s everyone! Next time I’ll try to stay later to get in more games!

whens the next one