St. Pete Sunday Shodown 2 - Sep. 19th - St. Petersburg, FL


Sunday September 19th
Sign-ups start at 4:30pm
Tournaments start at 5:15pm

Cafe Alma
260 1st Avenue South
St Petersburg, FL 33701-4364
(727) 502-5002

SUPER Street Fighter 4 Singles(360) - $5

  • Double elimination, 2/3 rounds
  • EVO rules character and ultra selection.

Updated SUPER Street Fighter 2 Turbo HDR(360) - $5

  • Double elimination, 2/3 rounds
  • Winner keeps character, loser way switch
  • Akuma is banned

CAPCOM vs SNK 2 Arcade - $5

  • Double elimination, 2/3 games
  • Arcade settings

BlazBlue: CS Singles(PS3) - $5

  • Double elimination, 2/3 rounds
  • Winner keeps character, loser can switch.
  • No DLC or unlimited characters.

Fees and Parking:
There will be a door fee of $5. All door fees go towards making TITANS3 possilbe. :rock:

Parking in downtown St. Pete is free on weekends. If the streets are full there is a parking garage in the same block as Cafe Alma that charges $5 (cash) a day. After passing Cafe Alma(right) on 1st AVE S, turn right onto 2nd St. S, parking garage will be on your right. Public parking starts on the 3rd floor. Elevator exits you back to 1st AVE S.

Cafe Alma offers some of the best food in town and has 2 for 1 drinks all day. Please show up early and enjoy some food and drinks. I suggest the sauted calamari.

I would like to thank Erik and all the people at Cafe Alma for letting us heathens takeover their private dining room over for a day.

The bruschetta there is amazing!

Downtown St. Pete doesn’t enforce the parking meters on sunday so there is free parking available.

I’ll actually run a CVS2 and or ST tourney this time, instead of spending most of the night eating, drinking and BS’ing.


The duck was amazing, it sucks I can’t make this one.

I going to walk around with an empty laptop case and a bat outside before we begin.

When does the tourney start? I might be able to make the trip.

Brian, your tourney thread construction suxx dixx. need moar infozzzzz

also elaborate on “pending”

Pending = waiting on weeaboos to step up and commit to showing.

you announce a confirmed ps3 set up and orlando will be there to take your guys’ money :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll bring my PS3 and 24" samsung… Someone will need to bring a copy of the game.

Oh man, how did I miss the first St. Pete Sunday Showdown? Crap, Cafe Alma’s pretty close too. Gotta see if I can get a day off (hmm) so I can show up and get beat up.

i can bring my copy.

then get your Orland peeps to post up here or here so we can justify running it!

One week away.

So who is actually planning on playing BBCS (that’s not from Orlando)?

OP updated. HDR instead of ST will be played on 360.

No DLC chars for BlazBlue?! If you need a setup i can bring one…


I’ll gladly leave my set up at home if you want to bring yours.