St Pete Sunday Showdown 4 January 16th - St. Petersburg FL


St Pete Sunday Showdown 4 January 16th - St. Petersburg FL

Sunday January 16th
Sign-ups start at 4:30pm
Tournaments start at 5:15pm

Cafe Alma
260 1st Avenue South
St Petersburg, FL 33701-4364
(727) 502-5002

SUPER Street Fighter 4 Singles(360) - $5

  • Double elimination, 2/3 rounds
  • EVO rules character and ultra selection.

Updated SUPER Street Fighter 2 Turbo cps2 (jp) - $5

  • Double elimination, 2/3 rounds
  • Winner keeps character, loser way switch
  • Akuma is banned

Fees and Parking:
There will be a door fee of $5. All door fees go towards making TITANS3 possilbe.

Parking in downtown St. Pete is free on weekends. If the streets are full there is a parking garage in the same block as Cafe Alma that charges $5 (cash) a day. After passing Cafe Alma(right) on 1st AVE S, turn right onto 2nd St. S, parking garage will be on your right. Public parking starts on the 3rd floor. Elevator exits you back to 1st AVE S.

Cafe Alma offers some of the best food in town and has 2 for 1 drinks all day. Please show up early and enjoy some food and drinks.

Big thanks to Cafe Alma for letting us take over for another night!


Sad to say that I probably won’t be making this one


the 23rd is also available if that works better for most people.


I think the 23rd is better for those people who will try and attend


If i pay the door fee can I play casuals I just want to learn and I’m not that good.


Is Tampa planning on making the drive?

It honestly make no difference to me, thou i’d prefer the date that will have the larger turn out of course.


I just can’t make it due to (most likely) having to work. I have already requested a bunch of days off recently and don’t want to push it. If I don’t get scheduled that Sunday, then i’ll be there.

@Supah-Ape - Yeah, the door fee lets you get in on casuals. Just be sure to bring your own stick/controller, and please let it be wired.


No Holds Barred

J Ro5e Will be there.


so, should i make ST the official tourney game on the Cab for Alma on 1/16?