ST petition worked? *Breaking News*


Kudos to capcom if they make this arcade perfect without lag online.

I’m really excited about this. I love seeing the classics get respect, and while the various ports with online and such are great, this is on a whole new level. The WHOLE thing’s gonna be redrawn in HD, and if that slide is any indication of the final product, they’re staying accurate to the original SF2 spriting style, just using the higher resolution for smoother, more detailed images. IMO, aesthetically, SF2 just wouldn’t be the same with Alpha or SF3-style sprites, so I’m glad they’re sticking close to the originals.

I have to wonder how accurate the gameplay will be to the original. They’ve stated the original code will be used, but also that tweaks aren’t out of the question.

They might as well work on the audio too. Stick with same samples, but increase the resolution. Considering SF2 is a 2D game there would be no point in making the audio 3D at all, but bumping up the sample rate and deepening the feel of the music would be great.

The article hinted at moves having more frames (sorta like SF3?) If thats the case, lets hope for perfect interpolation.

Yeah this would be great, but it’s restricted by whether Capcom even has and can locate the original samples, which I don’t have much faith in…:confused:

I’d love to see this get an arcade release, and go multiplatform, but I doubt it ever will. An updated, competition-friendly Super Turbo would go a long way in putting it back to being the most popular competitive fighting game in the world. :slight_smile:

Especially sad since I’m really not a 360 fan at all, and don’t plan on getting one. Blah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know about what features ST going to have…like a Anniversary Mode you could chose Different Version of Characters like in Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for the Xbox/PS2

CPS1 OST plz.

Pretty much useless if you ask me. Plus, I can see the bugs coming from here.