ST problem on Dreamcast

Hey people,

I have a problem with Super Turbo on Dreamcast. Hope someone can advise of a possible fix/explanation. Here goes:

I have a Japanese copy of Super Street Fighter II X (Turbo) for the Dreamcast which I am playing on a UK machine via the Action Replay CDX import enabler disc. The game used to run fine up until a year ago when all of a sudden instead of a full screen image, all that appeared on screen was the upper-left corner of the game screen. That is, Player one’s health bar and a quarter of the game screen.

Needless to say this is annoying as hell. :annoy: Plus, I have also tried it on a US Dreamcast with the same effect, regardless of TV type, CRT, LCD or VGA Monitor.

Being a Super Turbo freak, i’d love to get this version of the game back up and running. If anyone can help at all, it would be very much appreciated. I give the floor to you guys to respond with any help:

Best thing to do is to buy Capcom Classics Collection 2 (20 bucks) for either PS2 or Xbox and play the best version available, and the one that the tournaments (evo) are using.

I don’t really think that’s such a great idea as I just wanna get my DC version back up to playable form. The best version available is the Arcade CPS2 board (of which I have 3) but I am quite attached to my DC version also.

I’ll try the alternative solutions posted by laugh above and see how I get on. I did have a thought, I might try connecting via rf/coaxial/aerial connection rather than my usual Scart/Component/VGA method and see if that makes a difference. I’m surprised to see i’m the only person to have experienced such a problem.

Also, not wanting to stir the waters but why aren’t tournaments being played on Arcade Machines rather than on consoles? Just a thought. Thanks for the advice guys. Will keep you posted. :wgrin:

Heh, the reason why tournaments such as Evo are run on console has most to do with controllers. The ones who run the tournaments don’t want to hear people bitching about how a controller led to a loss, nor do they want to fix broken buttons/joysticks. It’s also much cheaper to use consoles and tv’s, since they can’t exactly use volunteered cps2/supergun set-ups that might have issues/problems.

If you are truly an ST nut, you would be bothered by the problems/bugs with the Dreamcast port of ST and would have be waiting in line to buy CCC2, as it is the closest they have gotten to a perfect emulation of ST on console. The only issue raised has be lag created by sound on Zangief and T Hawk’s stage.

I understand you are attached to your DC and all, but if you want to play ST, there is finally one clear choice that everyone agrees on…

try laugh’s suggestions and let us know! I’m interested in hearing whether or not that would work.

what exactly are the bugs/problems on the DC port of ST? I haven’t encountered any.

Cheesy meet Wiki. Wiki, Cheesy.

Problem fixed. It was as I guessed. For some reason the scart signal is being thrown out of whack and gives out a qurter screen image. I hooked everything up through regular RF/Aerial/Coaxial and it was all back to normal again. Pus, removing VMU’s etc… didn’t make a difference. :wgrin: