St Ranking Battles

is anyone interested in takin part in st ranking battles
they will happen weekly on sundays at 9 pm eastern time

so if u interested post up here

ill be playing a different character every ranbat and will only play that character
regardless if i go out in 2 or not

I’m down

cool idea… the St scene should be bigger… id rather play offline but meh…

Also do we all have to play the no character change rule if we enter?

nah im just applying that to myself to see how far i make it with characters i dont really play

like the tourney i held last night i got 3rd with dictator and i dont use him much

I’m up for this. Sorry I wasn’t at the tourney yesterday; completely forgot 'cause I was busy playing Megaman 2.

Im down

yea im up for some ST ranbats, should be fun

Damn, I work on Sundays. =/

wat server & wat emulator ?
Which rom ?

Ok, count me in. I never experienced in a kaillera tournament before, so I want to try it out. Oh and Rush, did you remembered my kaillera name…? :wgrin:

Yeah I will try to play in some of those. I am busy sometimes on Sunday nights but I will make sure to do some of these. I wasn’t going to be busy last night but some buds I don’t get to practice with a ton wanted to play some 3S (this guy has lots of arcade games at his house) and so I thought ya what the hell, I’ll do it. :smile:

Congrats to WSOP for winning last night. I consider him one of my gaming friends that I’ve met through the years and I sure was rooting for him! Which characters did he use?

Its a good idea, count me in.

i used Balrog.

Sounds good, to bad I missed the last tourney came home to late.

Sign me up for the next one.

only got couple weeks now, but lets get pwned im in.

I’ll try to get in.


mame and world rom set

do people use anything else?

that shit is the standard

Ok Cool thanks.
Just wanted to make sure.