ST rankings website

I’ve put together a website that tracks tournament results and rankings:

The ranking system is the TrueSkill ranking algorithm, the same used in XBLA Halo 3, puzzle figher, and (presumably) ST: HDR when it comes out. You can find more detail about it at:

Please browse and let me know what you think. This is an alpha release, with functionality over form. There’s a few Japanese tournaments in there, this year’s Evo, and some local seattle tournaments as data.

I’m also aware that the top US players are not well represented. The reason for this is that we don’t have brackets for past Evos, or really, any data except Evo 2007. If there is interest in this, I will input data (if given) from prior Evos. If anyone has full brackets it would be very helpful. Non Evo data, such as SVGL or other local small tournaments is extremely helpful as well.

I can also easily extend this to other games, such as MvC2, CvS2, Tekken, GG… etc. But I’d like to get the community’s feedback. Specifically what would help me would be to answer the following questions

  1. Is this ranking data interesting to you? Is there more data you’d like to see? Is it clear what “level” is? What about “mu” and “sigma”? Do you like the graph showing progression?

  2. Are the tournament histories interesting? Should tournament data show more? Less? Is the full bracket confusing?

  3. I’m aware that the layout is bare-bones and not styled, but is the flow of the website clear? Are there missing links? Is there info you’d like to see that you don’t see? Is it easy to get from one page of interest to another?

  4. Do you like the historical match by match history of each player? Too much info? Not enough?

Thanks! I’m also interested in any data that you might have. It can be local data. Unlike the old Apex rankings, you don’t just “get points” for winning a tournament. So there isn’t the incentive to fake tournament results that there was in Apex. Just like in Halo 3… you can beat on your little sister all day but that won’t improve your ranking :slight_smile:


geez, nice algorithm Julien, I wonder how you got first place :rolleyes:

this is still as awesome as the day you first showed it to me :smiley:

cool ill be sure to check this out :tup:

This will go away quickly (as it should) when we have more tournament data from locations other than seattle.

edit: Btw if you look at my match history, you’ll note that I don’t really get any increases in level for winning seattle matches (nor do my opponents lose level for losing to me). My level history graph goes up and then is a straight plateau. I can’t increase in level unless I do well against other players with established tournament wins (like evo top 8, for example). This is in sharp contrast to Apex rankings where a local tourney winner would just rack up points.

VERY nice.

Individual match details under player details should be tabulated for ease of viewing, and a greater pool of match data should probably be used (although I realise these early tests minimize data for speed purposes).

But otherwise I very much like the look of this.

EVERYONE, please support this. This could be the greatest feature the fighting game community has ever seen. For years, we have known who the top players are, and that is good, but we haven’t found a way to rank them. Tournament results are a good way, but they don’t tell the whole story (someone can get 1st many times and get last in a tournament, does that mean their skill dropped off? NO!) Many organizations have some sort of ranking system, and it’s a shame that we don’t. If we want to be taken more seriously, we need to use this approach.

Of course, this concept is still in its early stages, but once it is complete, then you’ll all see how we could’ve had this for years. Please help Beasley out.

Beasley: I’ve told you this before, but I’d like to use some of the recent SNK tournaments in the United States. They just took off in early 2006, so it’s not a hassle going through it. It can be a good example of what to expect… especially since a game like ST which has been out since 1994 will be kind of hard to do, with the lost or incomplete tournament results.

Beasley, I hope this is more successful than what I’ve tried to do. You are a known name, and this ranking system has much more potential than my archaic ranking system. Please people, support this system. This can be a great thing, let’s get this thread stickied!!!

Zass: I can get you info of my matches from tournaments I’ve been to either at the Break or at web2zone in the year of '07 to add me onto this list.

All in all, great idea.

Wow this looks hella nice…this is the way to go!!!

This is cool, but I wish I were listed as Keits instead of my real name “AdamHeart”.

Edit: Not really clear to me what Mu and Sigma are, but I think I understand how this ranking system works and I approve.


i hope it becomes more Aesthetically Pleasing To The Eye

Looks awesome, hope it ends up including Guilty Gear.

I think Preppy captured old Evo brackets on film. And I think, IIRC, he has at least the top 32 results from 2005-2006.

Maybe Arlieth can use this for Melty instead of doing it by hand.

this owns the shit out of the wiki idea i had, haha.
well, scrap that one…


Dude this is incredible and needs to grow.

For SNK and other games, I plan on supporting them, but I need to do some work. I was thinking it would be nice to get a solid base of data, and add features that people ask for first.

Capmaster, please post what you have. It would be really nice though if you could provide the entire bracket of any tournament you’ve been to.

I second adding as many different games as you can, no matter who publishes them. SNK/Guilty/Tekken/Virtua/Smash/Etc

Man…man…mayyann!!! Where was THIS 15 years ago?!

This is pure genius, Julien! I would dare say that this certainly has the potential to be parlayed into a national or even a world scoreboard of sorts. Imagine what this would do for local, national, and international tournaments! This would definitely lead to more properly seeding players in tournaments and could even introduce a lovely online ranking system.

So…if you even had an inkling of a thought to stop…don’t. :slight_smile:

I think having offical tournament directors turn in their results to Zass would be the best bet just to make sure results don’t fudged up.