ST Remix "Gang Warfare" Belatedly Cancelled

ST Remix “Gang Warfare” 3vs3 Tournament
Friday June 12th 11PM Eastern (8PM Pacific, 9PM Mountain, 10PM Central)

16 teams
Single elimination
3 players per team
No team can have the same character
Declare your main character when you sign up and stick to that choice throughout the tournament
The first team to have all 3 of its members lose has been defeated
If 1 or both of your teammates are absent, and there is no replacement, the opposing team has to beat your remaining team members to win
Best of 3 Rounds
One match per encounter
Time on

This tourney will be on Friday, but if we have enough teams by Wednesday, we’ll start then and take until Friday to complete it. If it starts on Friday, the deadline to complete the tourney will be Sunday. I will post the results on

If something should happen like the room dying, no need to freak out and try to find me. Use your discretion AND judgment to find a solution. Keep count! You have plenty of witnesses so there should be no dispute as to who beat whom. If a room dies on you, just start another one. Remember to create a chat session and invite ONLY the members of each of the 2 teams. It’ll be better to keep track of what’s happening that way.

Much thanks to Mustain for running the last tourney. And thanks to AGX and T3R for also contributing.

Team Sign Ups

  1. Old School: Str8Crazy87 (Blanka), MisterEgoTrip (Honda), True_Old_School (Dee Jay)
  2. Random Select Crew: blitzfu (Ken), T3R_Dictator (Dictator), djmassif (Dee Jay)
  3. SamPacshoryUken: pacloc (Dhalsim), suken19 (Sagat), Serious-Sam (Ken)
  4. ***Hadoukens and Wrrraaaoooooo!***: GNX84 (Ken), jimmyjames1700 (Ryu), Agamemnon0001 (Blanka)
  5. LongShotsPartDeux: ktm0066 (Dhalsim), Rice247 (Fei Long), Voltech (Chun Li)

I’d be down for the same team as before, T3R and Halfro (if he’s still alive jk), if you guys are interested.

Sign me up!!! Please someone pick me. I play a mean Rog.

I’m recruiting BabyAnimal_Kids, the 6 button flash kicker button fucker upper!:tup:

lol lol lol

Blitz i’m down homey, me, you and Halfro again.

Halfro you with us?


sign me up. ning726, i main a decent rog.

I put Dee Jay for you TOS. If you wanna change it lemme know. Every team has to mention their characters. Also don’t be afraid of PM’ing or calling out peeps to join your team instead of asking to be picked or asking to be signed up. I will only post full teams, not individuals.

I’m down. Lemme see if KTM and Volt are in too.

Oh hell yeah rice. I’m def in. Ask Volt, if we can’t get him then we should start recruiting. I’m sure there are a number of people who wanna get in.

Same team name???

I’m in!!! Tecmo, this time please no more dirty stuff by picking Sait!! Last 3on3 tourney, only Sait was needed to take care all of us. LOL… J/k.

Just putting the feelers out here…

Hoping I can round up a team through PSN text chat, or maybe add some new friends among those interested but without a team. I see a lot of the SRK folk online, but have yet to play a lot of the superstars. I’d main as Ken or Balrog.

Need a 3rd member. djmassif, want in?

It would be an honor. Whoohoo! Done! I’m there!

I think we could be the random select crew… except I can’t use cammy and fei with sh!t lol.

who wants shoo

Cool, thanks. You using Honda or Dee Jay? How about the name “Random Select Crew”…

I want in!..this time I’ll practice more than 20 min of HDremix to brush off the rust before the tourney…and make sure to read the time carefully.

I’ll try Dee Jay this time around. Random Select Crew works for me.

Sign us up again, Serious-Sam, pacloc, Suken19. PSS I Love you is dead now tho, due to saitouski. Our new team name will be “SamPacshoryUken”