ST Remix "O.G." Tournament Sunday, March 22 Brackets posted




Tournament date: Sunday, March 22, 2009, 5PM PST, 6PM MST, 7PM CST, 8PM EST, 1AM GMT

Double elimination
Speed 3
Time On
Best of 3 rounds
Best of 3 matches
Loser allowed to counterpick
Winner must stick with the same character
Winner’s and Loser’s Finals Best of 5 matches
Grand Final Best of 7 matches

Banned: nothing

Brackets will be seeded based on the results of the previous tournaments, so that past champions do not play each other in the 1st round:

Previous Champions:
1st Tournament: Syxx573 (Cammy)
2nd Tournament: Syxx573 (Cammy)
3rd Tournament: True_Old_School (Guile)
4th Tournament: True_Old_School (Dictator)
5th Tournament: TheGreench (Zangief)
6th Tournament: Lone82Wolf (Cammy)
7th Tournament: jeffhizzle254 (Hawk)
8th Tournament: jeffhizzle254 (Blanka)
9th Tournament: blitzfu (Ken)

This tourney is 16 players ONLY. If someone else wants to step up to do a 32 double elim, or possibly a 2nd 16 player bracket, I will gladly step down and/or help out. If we get at least 8 players by tomorrow night, I’ll run the tourney then.

We’re going to be using mIRC online, so go to this website, select IRC efnet webirc, type in your PSN nick, and type in the channel name #hdremix. To download and install mIRC locally, go hereor use your favorite IRC program. The server you want to use is any Efnet server. Once you have come up with a username, choose an Efnet server and join the channel #hdremix . To join a channel, simply type /join #hdremix.

I’ll post the brackets the day of the tourney or sooner if possible.

If you don’t have mIRC, just use PSN text (just text username blitzfu if you haven’t added me or don’t have any space). Keep track of the brackets at the site I will add later.

If any disconnects occur, or if both ppl in the match claim to have won, there will be a rematch (up to 3 rematches for each disconnect). The previous matches that DID NOT disconnect will stand as is. If it can’t be decided amicably, both players are disqualified and the match will be invalidated, and the next opponent gets a free pass to the next round.


I’m in son


I’m down… Friday nights might be a little tuff for me though. Any chance on having this on Sunday Nights?


^^That’s actually a good idea. Tournament will be this Sunday, March 22 2 hours earlier, so 8pm EST. If we don’t have enough players by Sunday, it’ll be next Sunday. Bustah, if you can’t make it, lemme know, thanks. Also lemme know if you guys don’t use mIRC. AIM might be better.


Sign me up.


I definitely want in.


I’ll probably get beat down, but I’d like to join. Thanks!

PSN tag: ron1ndon


Im in.



put me in the bracket:)


sign me up

i gotta remind everyone who owns this house





Excellent, grudge match baby! I predict a rematch of the 1st tournament final. :karate:


Awesome, it’s gonna be hype!!!


9 is not a good number. If we don’t get more players by tomorrow, I’mma drop out so we can have a simple 8 player tourney. Or if there’s a no show, I’mma jump in.


That’s not fair since you put this together Blitzfu, I’ll step down if not enough people show up.


That’s ok ron1ndon. I haven’t run a tourney in a while, so it might be a good idea if I just focus on running it, instead of playing too. Thanks tho. ; )


ooo guys i’m fucking so pissed you guys are gonna get SOOO beat down tomorrow… bet it


ah… tourny is held too early in the day for me to join in… :sad:

might as well. you guys dare not face my Cammy… she fierce! she will beat your fists all up with her face! :rofl:
would have been a good learning experience though…

anyway to record the matches? would love to see it.

good luck everyone. :tup:


Just give yourself a bye in the first round… I’m cool with that since you are running this thing…

Any chance I can play Syxx in the first round? I have some unfinished business with him from the 2nd tournament…


If I (or anyone else) takes a bye in a 9 player tourney, that’s a free trip all the way to the winners final. Not exactly a convincing win if that person ends up winning it all.

Previous champs don’t play each other in the 1st round.