ST: Renda Kara Canceling


I’m starting wonder if my button order is correct for Renda Kara.
Example: Bison; Jump in FP (hold dn+awy), [c.J2, fwd, bck+s/c.J, Jab+fwd+Short]…jump SP2

I’m almost pressing Jab simultaneously with fwd+short. I’m specifically asking about [] I want to make sure that I’m doing it correctly.

PS. I realize that I could use negative edge instead.


What are you trying to do exactly? If you want to do c.LP x2, s.LP xx super, you don’t need renda kara canceling.


no, hes trying to do c.LPx2 renda kara-ed into super, and what you’re doing is wrong.
what you want is:

j.FP(hold db), c.LPx2, f b+LP, f+LK. that last part must be done super fast and is hella hard.

c.LP x2, s.LP xx super is easier but wont hit most crouching opponents(i think).

personally, i would just use Maj’s combo.


^change the last part to f+LP~LK

regardless, isn’t renda kara cancelling when you cancel jabs into a jump?


Renda kara is a rapid-fire Jab or Short being kara canceled. It can be a jump, a special, a super, etc…doesn’t really matter what you cancel it into.


Thanks rogueyoshi, I was doing it like that b/f. It never came out (at least now I know I was inputting correct). I didn’t need to Kara Cancel in order to complete the combo. It’s EXTREMELY difficult.

Also, Is there any way to super cancel a 720? I can’t think of any way to do it. A tick throw doesn’t count since there’s that 1 neutral frame.


:confused: You do know the reason ticking exists is because you can’t throw people out of hit/blockstun, right?


Yes, I knew that. I just figured there might be a way since it’s a super combo (I was also thinking along the lines of Sim, since his is half circles and I have yet to s.cancel that). I wasn’t sure if the same rules applied to super combos. It seems like I read somewhere that was possible.


Super throws follow the same rules as normal/special throws.


how do i do a jumping kick after doing jabs, what to press?


For example, with Guile, to do st.Jab x2 -> j.RH, you’d press Jab, Jab, Jab~up/toward~RH

(The tilde ~ means “press immediately after.”)

To do st.Jab x2 into jump, you have to press Jab three times. Kara cancel the third Jab, then immediately cancel that Jab into a jump.