ST Revival website launch + Shirts interview


This site has been a while in the making and we still have a ton of things planned for the Strategy and Resources section that we are currently working on and will be up in the coming weeks, but we are happy to finally launch the site.

We’ve decided that the ST Revival has so much going on with Tournament of Legends, King of GGPO, etc. that it really deserves it’s own site to keep the momentum that is going on with the ST scene. All the ST data, interviews and results from my site have been ported over to the ST Revival site.

Also, we were able to get an interview with the OG Dhalsim master, Shirts. I’d like to thank Shirts for taking the time for doing the interview and also being patient for us and waiting for us to post it until the site was ready to launch. The interview was done about a month ago and it’s a really great one!


ST revival now with HDR ryu logo!



Awesome! I liked the interview.


Yeah yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well done, Bob! Thanks for all the hard work in making this site a reality!


Man, amazing website. I can’t believe all the hard work you and your crew do to keep this game alive. I wish I didn’t work 80 hours a week so I can get back into playing with you guys. Big props again to Bob Painter and The Crew.


Awesome interview, as always Bob. Keep up the good work, and we appreciate all you do for the community by putting on the TOL, qualifiers, organizing the ST Revival website, interviews, websites, etc etc. I have no idea how you have time for this while rocking a family and a job, but props to you.

Very entertaining interview. I think it’s very important to learn from the OGs, learn how they came up, how they feel about the current state of the community, and what we can do to maintain the community and improve it as a whole, without selling out to what made it what it is today. Looking forward to playing against Shirts in the future, when and if he has time from his busy schedule to get in some games against the new school players.


Wow. Good stuff Kuroppi. I feel like I just got some ST injected into me for the first time in a while o_0


Speaking of learning from OGs, I would love to read ST interviews of Jason Cole, James Chen, and s-kill. As I understand it, jchensor’s been around since World Warrior, Cole was the first US national ST champ, and s-kill was on Team USA in 2000. Everyone has their story to tell and every time a new piece of SF2 history is dusted off by an OG, it whets the appetite of competition and perks up the ears of the younger generations.