ST: Ryu


The ultimate Shoto…IMO anyway. Strats and matchup advice would be good.


Hey lets get this thread started i just started using ryu in ST and i would like to know some strats… so far all i have heard of is a hadoken trap that he has can someone fill me in on how this is done…


I don’t think there’s any cut-and-paste trap to speak of against every character… the general idea, is to pressure them with FBs so they will put themselves in position to take damage. The most basic route is to throw FBs to get them jumpy, so you can DP them when they try to anticipate a FB.

A basic corner trap would be to get about a jump distance (half screen or so) away and toss jab FBs. If they block one, the blockstun should hold them long enough while you throw your next one so that you can recover as they jump… insert DP.

One thing about Ryu’s FB is that it is BIG and comes out FAST. If you are at sweep distance (and a little more) you can poke with the FB. The FB is so fat and comes out so fast, that if they don’t jump BEFORE you throw the FB they should get hit by the FB as they jump. So if they whiff a poke, you can try to toss a FB in their face. Red FB is good because it will knockdown.

If you are far away and they jump the FB in reaction (or after blocking a previous FB), a lot of the time you recover in time to try to hit them before/as they land. A sweep can hit them as they land, or jump towards RH kick before they land.

But there are counters to ALL of this. Characters are given certain special moves designed to counter/get around FBs. Some can react to a FB and hit you, some have to anticipate. In the corner trap they can just jump straight up over a FB to reset the trap, or they can use an certain special to avoid/nullify the FB. If you try upclose FBs for example, Rog can just headbutt through or super and hit you on reaction if he’s ready. Guile can nullify one with a sonic boom and hit your outstretched arms. Chun Li can super. Honda can Sumo Splash thru and get on top of you. Hawk can DP through and hit you if he’s close enough. Zangief can lariat and hit you or nullify with green hand and SPD you. ETc. If you try to sweep them as they land when they jump from afar Guile can j.rh and tag you, I believe Blanka can j.fierce you sweep, etc.

You have to be careful, and know your matchups. The FB is a powerful tool, but there are risks. If you become predictable, you might eat an attack, or worse a jump-in combo and that could be the round right there. It is really character specific, and you have to know what will work from what ranges. You should use the FB to try and force your opponent into mistakes, when you can anticipate your opponent and counter THEIR anti-FB counters, is when Ryu FB trap becomes dominating. :slight_smile:


thx for the post marvel:) im gonna go to the arcades soon and test that shit out.It seems to me if ryu gets hes opponent to the corner there basically screwed however you did mention way of gettting out of his trap.I just started playing ST lol so im trying to buffer into his super by doing his now normal buffers that dont work in this game i guess cuz the combo system wasnt developed like other SF’s so the question i ask is what are way to buffer into his super usually i just do cross up super what are other ways thx!:slight_smile:


Combo-ing Ryu’s super has been discussed to death, you should try searching for it. The easiest way is prolly off a d.forward. You should include the normal into the motion, meaning you DON’T do : d.forward -> then the motion.

down, down-towards, towards, down+forward kick, down-towards, towards + punch all in one smooth motion works. Basically do a FB motion (empty no attack) then do d.forward into FB.

The key to cancelling normals into specials is that you have to cancel the normal the MOMENT it connects. If you are getting normal FB instead of super, you aren’t hitting punch quickly enough and cancelling too late.

If you strike them out of the air with j.strong you can juggle them afterwards with a super. You can also link a super after a meaty jab FB in the corner… Timing is tight, but it looks cool. :slight_smile:


how do you cancel the jumping jab into short air hurricane kick?


with ken :cool:


Thx again marvel :slight_smile: the next thing i want to know is concerning ryus hurricane kicks can they go threw projectiles?ive played guile and i know they can go through his but can they go over anyone else is and if so can u list how he can do it over and when do u use a hurricane excluding buffers.


You can go over booms and yoga fire. You can slip thru max-out during startup.


is there anyway of using ryus s.Fierce?i always wandered when it could be used


ok with ken. well how do you do it? what’s the timing?


Once you see the jab connect, immediately cancel into hurricane kick. It’s safe, and great for setting up a knee grab afterward. It also puts you at a nice distance to dp anything they may decide to stick out.

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Let’s get to matchups…

Anyone got some tips for playing against Rog? I try to keep him far out with FBs, and hit him as he tries to jump over or headbutt through them. I do ok here…

When he gets in, it usually gets ugly though. Upclose FB usually gets countered by a headbutt, and if he isn’t ducking his normals are great anyhow… I hesitate and I’m in that hold trap. :frowning:
I try to get away… but jumping back i’m scared of dash uppercut, and I still have to be carefull because if I throw a FB when I land he can read it and dash punch me/s.fierce.

and then he gets super meter… uuugh. Rog’s a beast.


marvelscrub is right about cancelling supers. The other way to land the super in a combo besides off of a juggle is to link it. I think Ryu can link his super off of a low strong. So against Gief he can do stuff like low strong, low strong, link to super.

Whether you’re cancelling the super or linking it, learning the timing to stick in the normals in mid-super motion is the hard part.

There are also setups that allow you to land stuff like low forward xx super, but those are mindgame techniques that basically let you get extra damage off of your setups.

Oh and stand fierce is worth using. It works as an antiair against certain characters like Guile (good for beating his jump RH) and in certain poke strings and snuffing some moves.


about Ryu/Rog…marvelscrub pretty much has the basic idea right. I think what is also important is you have to watch when he tries to rush in and kick him back out every time he tries it so you make him hesitate a bit about trying to rush in again, which lets you start throwing the fireballs at him again. So if you anticipate him trying to touch you with that low rush you can try sweep him as he comes in. I think you can also buffer low strong/forward into red fireball also for more damage while taking out low rush.

If he starts making you block stuff tho, get ready for whiff dash to grab, low forward to grab, low dash to headbutt and mixups. A good thing to know how to do is to throw him out of his dash recovery if he tries the whiff dash tricks. If he’s going for the ticks however, hope you have a super or reverse really well.

I sure as hell wouldn’t try jumping back against Rog. Even if he doesn’t dash upper you, it just gets you closer to the corner which is where you don’t want to be against a Rog player.


For info on Ryu/rog i think theres a video of daigo against sum rog player anyways the vid shows daigo kicking a rog player’s ass the good thing bout this vid is it shows u how to control him meaning throw fbs and trap him and if he try’s other stuff throw his ass back in the corner and start it up again however u have to think wether or not u should continue to throw fbs becuz rog can go threw them and dont get scared fighting a rog player u gotta give him the pressure not the other way around

anyways my 2 cents the vids at


What are some of those setups you use to land the c.fwdxxsuper?


There’s really know sure way to get off the cr.fwdxxsuper off but there are many setups for the super alone. But when ever you get a knockdown, ryu has many hi/low/throw/srk mixups that he can do. For example, you can do a meaty toward strong on their wake-up as overhead. If you notice, wakeups are harder to do in ST, so if it works chances are it will work again. If he’s expecting that you can switch it for cr.fwdxxsuper or even just whiff the toward strong and do the same thing. You can also do toward Fierce on their wake up and jb.srk or super on their retaliation. Obviously, there’s a lot more setups that you can do on their wakeup like jb.fireball (in corner) to tick throw, wait then srk or super, etc. If you’re careful, there’s little risk for Ryu so be creative. Use the super as anti-air if you have the chance, especially if they’re out of srk range or jumping backwards. Chipping with the super isn’t so bad either as Ryu can gain meter easily by running away.



The two setups I use the most to land low forward xx super are off of a blocked or whiffed fierce rush, or after a crossup.

if I get them backed up within rush punch range I’ll do a fierce rush and distance it so it either barely hits or whiff. If it hits I go into combo. If it whiffs I will go for a throw or use the low forward xx super.

if I get them to block a crossup or if I connect with a not-so-deep crossup I’ll do a stand jab and as I do stand jab I start the motion for super. From the stand jab I can either go for a throw or the low forward xx super.

They’re really just variations on basic Ryu mixup tactics that can get you much more damage. I think a lot of the throw setups Ryu has will also give you the oppurtunity for a low forward xx super mixup.


Yeah I read about that wiff jab into c.fwdxxsuper from that HF/ST file you gave me. I’ll try them out, thanks.

Btw, have you made any updates on that file?