ST Semifinal Bracket Debacle


Brief Rundown: ALL ST Qualifying pools were done…(Cole was DQed for not showing up for his match), then they made the 32 man semi-final bracket…then Cole decided to show up…more than an hour late…Re-did Cole’s pool which changed the structure of the Semi-final bracket…NICE!

This is not a personal attack on anyone, just the way the things worked out, I guess…maybe it was out of the control of the Evo Staff. But if someone is late more than an hour and the only excuse they can give is “I woke up late”, then they should not be allowed to continue and should be DQed…Now, in the case of Cole, I didn’t have a problem with him being allowed to continue, but he should have at least been given a loss. Definitely not fair to the players who were in his pool over and those who were already in the Semifinals and affected because they had to partially restructure the bracket. For the players that were on time and followed the schedule and waited patiently for their matches and made sure they woke up on time (regardless if they partied too much the night before) and acted responsibly, it is pretty much a slap in the face.

I do remember reading during the Orientation that the srk staff would “SHOW NO MERCY” regarding DQing players who were not present when their matches were called. And, I remember SRk staff saying “NO EXCEPTIONS” when they would warn people about reporting to their pool on time…I guess that didn’t apply to Cole…

I could understand DQing Cole would be a hard decision considering the past 2 years he’s won ST, but at least he could have received a loss or have had to play Daigo, just to get back into his pool or something, then try to qualify. Plus the fact his excuse was horrible. Originally, Wizard DQed Cole and he was sticking by his DQ of Cole, but the Cannons had the final say.

Regardless, the Cannons and the rest of the SRK staff did a good job running the tourney.


Yeah, that kinda is weird. Showing up an hour later, and not being DQed? That’s pretty leniant. I remember back in SBO, Taka was DQed for showing up just a little late.


Doesn’t matter how you look at this. There will be controversy. If Cole is really disqualified then people will bitch USA didn’t send their best representative against the japs.

Since the japanese did send real ST players this year, I’d think it’s wise they let cole play. Either way, people will bitch but atleast now we have our best contending for the title.


No one should be bitching about not sending our best players.

He obviously isn’t the “best” if he’s sleeping in hours past his matches. Just like Sanford, and getting arrested. If you fuck up and don’t compete, you aren’t the best. You are a could-have-been.

The best is someone who has the skills to compete and does compete.


Hahahaha, Japan sent their best ST players? Yes, Daigo will probably win Evo2k3 ST, but he’s only one of their best ST players…There were no other Japanese ST specialists at Evo2k3.


I never said the japs sent their best. I said they sent real ST players. It was on going argument that ohnuki doesn’t play ST. Daigo plays ST so might as well give it our best.

You wanna bet? I know people will complain if we didn’t send our two time champ against Daigo.

Cole slept in late but that won’t diminish his skills. Actually, it’s the opposite, cole got more sleep so he has the edge.


My point is they have no right to complain. Cole fucked up. They should complain at Cole, not Evo.


I’m not giving it a right or wrong. That issue will be debated to death if this rumour is true. Right now I am content USA has Cole representing.


I think it’s bullshit… in MvC2, if you werent there, you got DQed instantly… they say “pool 10 show up or be DQed” and guess what… people got DQed. I dont care if you’re Daigo or JWong, if you dont have the decency to show up on time, you’re not worthy of playing.


Or they could have just straight up DQ’d him.Way to enforce the “rules”.Its nice to know that it seems to be ok to bend them for only the more well know players.I mean he had a year to prepare/plan for this tournament, and he has nobody to blame but him self if he fucked up and over slept or whatever it was.Bottom line is, in a tournament of this size with people from all over the world comming, it makes a bad statement to others who took the time and money to travel and show up on time and all.I could maybe see something like this happening at a local tournament but at something this big it just sucks ass.


This is total bullshit imo. I think Cole should donate at least half the winnings he takes from ST AND CvS2 and give them to the people that originally won his qualifying pool or some shit. That is definitely not fair.


I don’t care because this will not effect me in any way shape or form being I’m on the opposite side of the country. But this quote was the first thought that entered my mind when I read about the happenings. This is srk. Had he been permanently DQed, people would have either bitched that he should have been allowed, or more likely it would have been an excuse used many times in the US vs. Japan ST debates. Now, people are still going to either bitch because Cole got special treatment (which will further fuel and “elitist” theories).

The point, it was a lose-lose situation for the adminstration. Personally, I don’t agree with their decision, but I don’t envy them at all.


The worst tournaments in the history of Texas are ones where Cali showed up here and were involved somehow in the running of the brackets.


The situation is grossly unfair.

I can completely understand wanting to keep Cole in the tournament.

But I don’t think Cole should get off scott free. If he wins any money he should forfeit it, plain and simple.


If this is true, there is no reason I think that Cole should have been allowed back in. Rules are rules. If you don’t follow them, tough. It sets a very very bad precedent.


Yea man cole is hella cool but come on. How long are people gonna put up with tournaments that have rules only appiled to those not known as well as others. Just aint right.


the issue is moot now cuz cole was eliminated.


It doesn’t matter that he was eliminated. What about the people that he eliminated that showed up on time? I don’t know how many times it was stated on the Orientation and throughout the tourney that if you aren’t there, oh well – no exceptions. Well, I guess that Jason Cole with worthy of the exception. Mr Wizard did the right thing, but the Cannons were more worried about hookin a buddy up than running a fair tournament:o


So why bother having rules then?

In fairness to the Cannon’s, this is pretty much the worst possible situation they could be in - the person breaking the rules is the two-time champ.

That said, what happens when Joe Blow shows up an hour late for MVC2?

It’s like the boy who cried wolf. how many times have tournaments said “show up late and you are DQd” and how many times have they gone back on that?


I was disqualified from my first Super Turbo match because i was in the middle of my Marvel match when they announced it and I apparently didn’t hear it. But at least I went to losers. Nonetheless, I guess being a 2 time Super Turbo champ has its benefits.