St: Short + Fierce Glitch?

I had a question about short + fierce.

I read some where that short + fierce canceled out and gave you a fierce in ST and A3 i think.

And how you can combo into it.

So my question is

who in ST can do this?

Also is this a good example of it,

Jab, Jab, Short + fierce, Hadouken?

Works in HF, CE, WW i think, and X-ism A3… I don’t think it works in ST tho.

It’s not just short+fierce, any rapid fire attack ™ that goes from ducking to standing (or vice versa) can do into any medium/fierce attack. It might be different for A3… idunno

its called a cps chain. it was first figured out in hyper fighting. the trick is making the game think you are chaining an attack that shouldnt chain. like with a shotos. s.jabs and c.jabs chain into eachother. s.jabs to c.shorts are chains and vice versa. c.shorts and s.jab/c.jab chain into itself. now what you do is fool the engine in thinking you are throwing out a chainable attack, but you are actually throwing out a non,chainable attack, hence, pressing 2 buttons at the same time. still using the typical shoto example. since shotos can chain c.shorts into itself, we’ll use that for the basis. if you wanna combo a c.short into a c.fierce, you would do c.short, c.short + c.fierce. by hitting both buttons at the same time, you fool the engine into thinking you threw out another chainable c.short, but the c.fierce comes out instead.

for all you noobs, dont get links confused with chains. this trick is for chains only. like you wont be able to do like c.strong, c.short+c.fierce since c.strong doesnt chain into any attacks. it can link into other attacks to combo, but no chaining.

capcom carried this little “glitch” over to a3 as a feature for X-ism. you can get some pretty slick combos in X using the cps chain feature. takes some practice to get down. some people may argue its worth in a real fight. but it works pretty good sometimes…

Sabre… d.short, d.short, d.short+d.fierce doesn’t work i don’t think. I haven’t played HF in forever, but I remember that you had to go from ducking to standing or vice versa. d.short x2, s.short+s.fierce for a close fierce definitely works. or s.short+strong as well.

It might be different in A3… but I remember it being like that in the OG games.

you have to go from low jab/short to standing fierce or vice versa. So ryu can do low short, standing fierce into fireball or ryu can do standing short, low fierce, fireball.

It’s hella worth it and only works on ww, ce, hf and a3. poke with low short and if it connects after 2 or 3 shorts chain into standing fierce (the far one), so much fun. guile got a real re-dizzy in hf because of it (jump in fierce, low short, standing fierce into sonic boom, backhand (or low forward), repeat.

Derek Daniels

eh its been too long since i did the cps chain stuff so my info may be a little off. but the overall basics are covered atleast :smiley: