ST: (shotos) comboing air hurricane off a standing normal?

how do you do it?
i’ve seen it in TZW combo vid, but not sure how to do it
when i saw it, it looked like that ken went into block stun hella times before activating, other times he just did it

most times, the hurricane only comboed for only 1 hit, which was weird, how is this top japanese trick done?

you can do this with air hurricane kick with ken… It’s where you do a really fast arc backwards and yes it combos off of normals… for example you can do jump in fierce xx air hurricane kick xx backwards arcing air hurricane kick and it does a 3 hit combo. This combo is thanks to The_Chef. Anyways the way it is done is by sweeping from down to up/back and canceling the jump with rh. Well, this is the way I do it and I’m not quite sure if it is the official way it’s done.

This works with ken = d.strong, air hurricane :slight_smile:

meaty d.forward, j.jab, air hurricane on biggies might work too

But that is just linking it. Maybe if you told us the combo it would help.

I think you might be able can cancel rapid-fires into jumps, but not really sure.

A related question. Anyone knows how to pull off Kens vertical Hurricane Kick? The one where he goes up spinning and reaches the top of the screen?

well, actually, the ken combo where he does an air hurricane off a normal was where he was in the corner, the combo went something like this:

ken in left corner, fei long right next to him on the right
fei long jumps straight up, ken throws a fireball, fei does punch throw on ken to the right…when ken lands, the fireball is to the right of ken and fei long…both characters are walking right, ken does a last jumping hurricane to get into the corner…->

now pretty much both characters are in the corner, with the fireball in the same space as ken, fei long does low strong, goes into HITSTUN from the fireball, while ken is still in blockstun, he moves from standing block to crouching block about 2-3 times, then does the “air hurricane” for only 1 hit which I have to say is hella low to the ground, probably half the height of a normal hurricane, and lands right away (the animation for the hurricane only shows one leg out), fei is still in hit stun, then ken proceeds to super which combos

whew! that’s one crazy combo, i can see how impractical it may be in a real match, but i saw another video where it was like ken does one of those LOW HURRICANES, about 3 rotations this time, and combos the super afterwards

this confused the hell out of me and still does
any input would be greatly appreciated

Yes, I like to know how he does Ken’s hurricane kick so low to the ground that his feet are practically in the ground. I was wondering if those combos were done on a tweaked/altered ST version. lol

it’s a glitch if you do it as a wakeup or something, i keep doing it then but like i don’t know how i’m doing it

I will try that tonight… thanks :slight_smile:

it might have something to do with coming out of blockstun, cuz in the vid that i saw, the Ken was going back and forth between standing and crouching block stun before performing the “low” hurricane

i’ll try other stuff out to try and find it, it may be useful

btw…prolly unrelated but how do you do those combos where you do like 4 weak attacks and combo into a jumping hard attack?

for example:
on Zangief, with Ryu: c.short x 4, then jumping fierce (it combos, for some unknown reason:wtf: )

on Zangief, with Chun: s.jab x 4, then jumping roundhouse knockdown (also combos, don’t know how to do it though)

any ideas?

Like i said earlier, I think you might be able to cancel rapid fires into jumps… when going for the rapid fire jab into flash kick combos with Guile, i sometimes just jump straight out of the jabs. It looks like I’m cancelling the jab straight into jump… and looks quicker than doing d.jab, then holding up. Maybe that has something to do with it?

ALso, How did the 3 rotation low hurricane move across the screen? Did it arc like a normal low air hurricane (except really low) or did it fly straight across or what? I would really like to see a vid of it… seems like a really neat trick to pull out in a match. :slight_smile:

ken’s low hurricane kick:

This only works in the arcade, but Ken, Sagat, Dhalsim can’t do reversal super. So knock Ken down and do the super motion with reversal timing and instead of super, Hurricane Kick comes out. There is some buffer if I remember right, like Ken had to be doing hurricane kick (air?) when he got knocked down. But that is basically how it is done. Sagat, Dhalsim gain nothing cool cause they have no air special moves.

ken comboing into hurricane kick is basically kara cancelling the low short, which has really awkward timing. Low Short then press low short again but jump RIGHT after pressing the button. This does work on Dreamcast.

Derek Daniels

omni: could you elaborate a bit more on the trick? i’m still a bit confused…

for the 1st trick (only arcade trick), do you mean like ken has to be doing air hurricane and knocked down DURING that move?
and then after that, you do the super motion on wakeup with ken with reversal timing, except you do:

d,df,f,d,df,f+jab+short <- something like this?

and then for the second trick, the kara-cancel, what does this actually look like?
does this look like this:

ken does low short, next thing you see is the funny arcing AIR HURRICANE that combos after the low short?

any input would be greatly appreciated