ST: sim / Honda


I’m just learning he game and was wondering if anyone has basic strats for honda or sim.

Oh and whats DJ’s anti air?


check the ST thread, you’ll have better luck there…

for Honda, Ochio grab is too good, and grabby into slappy owns.
Watch Bob Painter’s matches on the B5 DVD, he has one of the best Hondas.

for Sim, all I can say is learn all of his normals (both near and far). Also, his super is really good…one of the best in the game actually cause Sim is totally safe during his super. For matches, watch David Spence and Jason Cole on the B5 DVD.

for DJ, his anti-air for most cases is his d, u+K move…ask Dogberry for more tips, he plays him. Also, keep in mind that you can juggle with that move up to 3 hits, so if it hits less than 3 times, do it again.


Well im not sure if hondas moves changed from the St series and The alpha of Cvs/Cvs2 games but basic strats for honda should be to be on the offense since hes so powerful. His HHs and Fierce and Rh moves have mad range and can weaken someone quickly.
I like his Fierce headbutt but the Jab one is noted for Dp Invinceablity… If you feel that him being aggresive does not fit your style of play, You can turtle but it wont work on characters like Vega or blanka too well expecially if your starting with honda.
Try out his Medium attacks as well. If he has the body splash, thats a excellent cross up move. And Make sure you throw, Hondas throws are mad damaging. Good Luck


uuummm…Honda can soooo turtle against Vega in ST. He can just sit all day and jab headbutt will beat anything.
Then again, Vega can sit against Honda too cause flipkick will beat anything.

So Vega vs Honda is basically who can get the first hit and keep the lead.



DJ’s anti airs:

stand strong, stand fierce, stand forward, slide and stand RH. Sometimes stand jab. His main antiair is upkick (d,u+K) but learn to use the normal antiairs as well because upkick does not always work well for certain jump-in angles. That’s where the normal antiairs come into play.

For Honda, learn the stored Ochio ticks and setups. Those are sooo good and can set up your opponent for either some free block damage or more Ochio ticks. He still plays turtle style really well, so I think you know how turtle Honda can be played already. Just learn how to use Ochio so you can play more offensive game as well, plus knowing stored Ochio is a big bonus for your turtle honda game.

Keep the questions coming. Old Skool talk is always cool.



uuummm…Honda can soooo turtle against Vega in ST. He can just sit all day and jab headbutt will beat anything

Yea but the opponent will back off after the fist 2 or 3 times that happends. Plus If A person wants to be serious about using honda, he should not be siting in the corner blowing farts.
Like i said before Gem, test out honda and see what style u wanna play.


With Dhalsim, you have to kinda know when to use each drill and the max range and minimum range to use them at. Like if you use the LK drill from hella far away to go over a fireball, the guy who threw the fireball can super you or throw you are do something because you’ll be very vulnerable at that time. I use the MK/RH drill in aiding in pokes. Remember, with Dhalsim, the key is to range people away, but keep them within c.MP range.




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umm…you’re not contesting anything I’m saying. If the Vega player “backs off” after getting hit by 2 or 3 jab headbutts, then that’s exactly what the Honda player wants.
He has the lead, so he can just sit all day.

I’m not saying that’s the only way to play Honda…I’m just saying that it’s possible and effective to turtle against Vega


err stored Ochio?


In ST Honda’s Ochio is done by going from toward to down-back + punch. The thing about this is that if you do the motion, and hold down-back, you can “store” the move until you want to release hit by hitting punch. Basically you can delay it until when you want it to come out. So Honda can just do the motion, hold down-back and sit there, and when your opponent gets too close, hit punch and boom, Ochio will come out.


**If the Vega player “backs off” after getting hit by 2 or 3 jab headbutts, **

I just wanna know cant vega just trick the opponent just by walikg next to honda back and forth (he does hAVE FAST WALK SPEED) then if Honda does the jab headbutt and misses then vega can do a slide or roll toward him?Dont forget about roll canceling supers now some ppl can do it… Im just saying , I aint tryin to piss you off,artic ninja you seem kinda of offended.


What we have here is a failure to communicate :smiley:

  • The Title of this topic is “ST: sim/honda.” ST stands for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Super Turbo), not CvS2. There are no rolls, so nothing to roll cancel.

  • And roll canceling a super is ineffecitve and pointless anyway. Whatever invincibility you get from the roll is replaced by the super’s invincibility. But this is an ST topic, not a CvS2 one :wink:

Geminite: If you have any specific Dhalsim questions, I’ll try to help.


Look, I’ve got nothing against you, but it’s really insulting when I give strats and some n00b says I’m wrong.
I know what I’m talking about, especially considering that I’m a Vega player, and I know the Vega vs. Honda match VERY well.

You would do well to read the topic of the thread carefully.


LOL good one artic ninja :mad:


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i guess playing sim is about distance and zoning? I play him in CvS1 and CvS2 but obviously his pokes are slightly different.

Is there like a different method to zone with dhalsim in super turbo?


I thought you didnt like snk?


What Honda stuff do you want, Geminite? I play both versions a lot so I’ll try to help you.

One thing I will add about the stored Ochio…you can also hold back and up/back to store it. Obviously you’ll be holding down/back most of the time, but there will be occasional jump attacks to block and such.

And I totally agree with Arcticninja about the Honda/Vega matchup ( :wink: ). He has the edge over Vega in turtling because he has the stored Ochio in addition to an invincible anti-air. He also has the advantage in ticking because both the Ochio and normal throws have better range and “priority” than Vega’s throw (and they can’t be tech hitted).

Random Honda topic: Both versions of Honda have their advantages and disadvantages, and they’re very close IMO. Old has a higher-priority low strong, all of his standing kicks are sweeps, his low fierce is better than New’s (a hand sweep), he can use the porkchop s.fierce (his only decent anti-air besides jab headbutt) anywhere on the screen, and of course he has grabby into slappy. New Honda’s standing short and forward are these little kicks that aren’t very good, his standing roundhouse is a kinda okay anti-air, his porkchop only works when he’s very close to the enemy, his low fierce is a 2-hit palm thing that doesn’t have much priority, and he can’t move during Hundred Hand Slap. On the flip side, his c.short and c.forward are better than Old’s (they work well against sweeps), he has the super and tech hit, and of course the Ochio which is a HUGE advantage. Overall, I consider New to be slightly better but I enjoy playing Old much more.

Josh the FunkDOC


well…I don’t think that Honda has the edge over Vega. It’s only when Honda gets a lead where it is extremely difficult for Vega to come back.

I think the match is like 6-4 in Vega’s favour actually. If you let me use decimals, I would say 5.5-4.5 in Vega’s favour. I think Vega does have an advantage over Honda, but it is VERY slight.

In the end, it comes down to who made the first mistake.

It’s an odd match, because neither character can really attack the other. The reason I think Vega has a slight advantage is because he has longer range and better pokes. Vega can attack with cr. strong and st. fierce staying outisde of Honda’s reach hoping for a hit, but all it takes is one psychic headbutt and it’s all but over.