ST style Rog

Hello people! I’ve been playing around with the Ono! Moveset editor and I’ve decided to base it off of Jav1ts’s suggestion, found here.

Unfortunately, I am by no means a pro and basically worked on this in a very messy, unprofessional manner. I don’t know the exact frame advantage the highered hitstun provides or the number of startup frames cut by the multiplier, so bear with my trial and error method.

Please, keep in mind that it is only for the sake of curiosity! My aim is to make a balanced Boxer with an improved mixup game. Meaning that anything that seems OP, I wanna know.

  • LP damage lowered to 50, MP damage lowered to 70.

I’ll leave the edited BAC & BCM file here and here. Feedback would be appreciated!
(Note: You have to put these two files in C:\Program Files\CAPCOM\Super Street Fighter IV\dlc\03_character_free\battle\regulation\latest\BSN and overwrite the existing ones. Do not forget to backup the original files somewhere else in your computer before doing so!)

To do list:

  • Find out how to cut recovery frames on Headbutt & Rush Upper.
  • Play with Ultra 2.
  • Make a video to showcase the actual work.

Looks good to me. His dashs needs to be faster!

Safe headbutt

ST style? Then he needs a godlike cr.MK, duh.