ST: Supers?


I knwo this may be stupid(incredibly), but can someone list all the supers that cna be done in the game? Because I dont know how to do all the supers.



I already checked there, there was no faq that said anything about supers.


All the supers fall into these categories:

Double fireball
Double yoga-flame
Charge back, forward back forward
Charge down/back, down/forward down/back up
720 (two 360 motions)

I think that’s it.


you need to check harder. Make sure you’re looking under Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and not Super Street Fighter 2.


I can help you out.

QCF = Quarter cirlce forward
B = Back
F = Forward
DB = Down back
DF = Down Forward

qcf twice + punch
Fei Long

qcf twice + kick

Charge B,F,B,F + punch

Charge B,F,B,F + kick
Dee Jay
Chun Li
M. Bison

charge DB, DF, DB, UP + kick

720 degree + punch
T. Hawk

B, DB, D, DF, F twice + punch

If i missed any please do tell me.


yeah, Vega’s super is the same motion as Guile’s.


Isn’t sagat’s done with a punch?


Sorry about that sagat is done with a punch it was kind of late so i must of not noticed it. Also i did forget to put up vega’s super and it’s close to guile’s motion. Ill edit it and change sagat to punch.