ST tiers

i’m just wondering what the super turbo tiers are. i know dhalsim is up there, along with vega, maybe ryu, and the japanese are really good with chun li. what about honda? which characters have the fewest match up problems?


The following in my opinion are the top tier in Super Turbo in no specific order :slight_smile:

Ryu, OG Ken, OG Sagat, Balrog, Chun Li, Normal and OG Dhalsim, Bison, Vega.

Hope that helped :smiley:

Julien Beasley recently posted 2 ranking charts for ST.

Diagram A
Diagram B

Diagram A is the point system where the rankings are determined by highest points. For eg., Akuma kicks everyone’s ass, so he gets 9 points for each opponent. Diagram B shows rankings based on win/loss vs each character.
The relevant tables are the last on each page and I will be using diagram A, since it is a bit more intuitive. According to diagram A the ranking looks like this (S <name> means the Super or old version, I am using American names for the characters):

Akuma, S Sagat, Dhalsim, Vega, Balrog, DeeJay, S Vega, Guile, S Dhalsim, Chun Li, S Chun Li, Ryu, Sagat, S Balrog, S Guile, Honda, S Honda, Blanka, S Ryu, Bison, S Ken, Feilong, Cammy, S Cammy, S Feilong, S Bison, Ken, S DeeJay, S T.Hawk, T.Hawk, Zangief, S Zangief, S Blanka.

This is a good ranking, but rankings can never be exact. I would say S Sagat or Dhalsim have the least match up problems, but Sim can do some damage to S Sagat and Vega can hurt both of them. Balrog doesn’t have many mismatches either. The problem is that you really need to know what’s going on for that to be the case. From my experience, I would place Bison and S Ken/Ken a little higher (because if you know the matchups you can be successful with them) and Blanka and Guile a little lower. Chun is up there because she can do well against Sim and Vega. Honda is a good counter to Vega, but he loses miserably to Ryu/Ken. If you play enough, this chart is about what you will come up with. It is at least a place to start if you just want to choose characters that are ‘good’.


uhhhhh, the charts are not in english or any language for that matter, they’re all weird looking,

ie this is what the heading to diagram A looks like…


If you are using IE, click on view, encoding and select Japanese (it will ask to install the language pack). Once you do that you will see it correctly. The last column shows the rankings, but I listed it for you.

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Newbie here. What does OG mean?

OG is short of Original. In Super Turbo you can pick the Super Turbo Character or an original version of the character without super.

So, wouldnt be always be better a superturbo char than his/her OG version? newbie question again…

no its not always better. differences between old/new characters are more than just having super or not. like old ken loses crazy kicks and super, but he gains invincible dp. old sagat, loses super of course, and instead of his dp hitting 6 times or however many hits it is, it will only hit once instead. the significance for that is if you use new sagat and your dp trades with opponent. it will do crap for damage since its the 6 hit version which every hit does weak damage, as opposed to old sagat, where even if you trade, its only 1 hit so its always full damage. and it hurts a lot. his tiger shot speed is faster too in old… those are just a couple examples


Don’t use “s” for super characters, the characters are widely known as “Old” or “OG”. You are only making things confusing! :eek:

Re: Re: ST tiers

I know, but I thought it would be nice to use the Jap naming scheme, since it does make more sense. And those who don’t know by now or can’t figure out that S and old are the same thing probably shouldn’t be playing ST.

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Re: Re: Re: ST tiers

Nope. S makes more sense to whom? You don’t have any supers in SSF2 and “Super” is in both titles.

In other words:
Nope. S sux. Use O. :slight_smile:


hey apoc, any recommendations for a beginner? i know dhalsim is good, is he pretty user friendly? O sagat would be easy to use also, right?

For the beginner that wants to compete now I would say O.Sagat is good and powerful regardless of knowing matches. Watch out for Sim though, heheh. He’s probably the most powerful character with the shortest learning curve. Great choice for hopping right in and competing. Especially if your reflexes are good.

I think Sim takes a lot of match knowledge but if you learned all of his ticks and tick set-ups you’d be in decent shape as well:)


yea, i knew that drill on reaction to low tiger shots owns sagat. but doesn’t vega give dhalsim troubles? and who else gives problems to sagat, anybody?


Vega can also be a pain to O. Sagat depending on how you play him.

I use O.ryu, O.ken, and rog. wat about them character??? My main is O. ken though, that jab dp is a life saver LOL

rog is a really good character just make sure you know how to use TAP and use standing fierce to stuff… My only real problem is vs. O sagat mainly because of the constant head butt through fireballs which I am horrible at because I sucks. Just remember vs. Blanka he can’t ball or you get a free rush punch everytime and you can just standing jab him out of ball anyways =). I dont know about O.ryu but O. ken is definitely a good choice!

Super newb question hwo do I get the O characters.