ST today?

ST today or this weekend?

I know this is fairly last minute, but is anyone interested in playing ST today or this weekend? I heard that King and Loki have cabinets… I don’t know who they are or how to get in touch with them, but I’m free today and would love to play with anyone. I haven’t played this game in so long :slight_smile:

Zach’s got a cabinet, though the meet’s next weekend. Even a tournement, if you feel up for it.

if there is enough interest, ill host tonight for CCC2 ST at my place…

I’m down, I have a supergun and the board in my trunk.

ill confirm with everyone later then, i wanna make sure mor people come through.

Yeah there is ST at Nate’s tonight!

BTW Preppy does have an ST cab but it has some pretty poor controls, I am trying to start up a more regular ST gathering at my house, I will have 2x RGB monitors and ST on Capcom classic… I’m in Renton

14650 ne 32nd st #A7
Bellevue, WA 98007

me, and both Julians are here playing :slight_smile: come on over, its on all night

I’m gonna start heading over there soon, I hope you guys are still there :rofl:

Thanks again for having me over, Nate. It was nice meeting you and Julien :smiley:

fucking Blanka though, god damn >:(



Thank you to XTC for hosting. I had a great time. I was so fun to play again. I’ve been thinking ST all night and all morning. Now the big question for me is should I get a PS2 and sticks now or wait for the ST HD remix and get a 360?

I can’t believe how deep this game is. XTC, thanks for showing me how to get out of dizzies fast. I had no idea! It’s incredible that we are learning new things about this game like 15 years later.

Maybe you guys can teach me some MVC2 next time :slight_smile:

umbrella - yeah i didnt know i could play Blanka so nastily…your DeeJay is tight though.

zass - id get the PS2, CCC2, and a stick to play because in reality you never know what they are going to do with HD Remix, for all we know it could be a completely different game than at least what im used to (although this could obviously be a benefit) but for purist sake’s go ahead and buy a stick, CCC2, and a PS2.

From what I heard it seems capcom japan is only paying to make the game HD nothing else is allowed in this project. I think since David sirlin made CCC2 ST and he’s working on this project, he’s just going to take that version and make it HD.

Anyway XTG what happened to the recordings from Preppy’s last time?

Airthrow posting for Nate: They haven’t been given to Preppy yet.

Nate posting for Nate: footage was submitted to Preppy yesterday.

lol. Ass. :rofl:

Can’t wait to see the video…

im pondering having a getogether today…no Shield tonight for me since i no longer have Dish Network :frowning: who would be interested?

I have potential plans that I won’t be sure about 'til later, but if they fall through, I might be down.

ok so thats 1…