ST Tournament at NCR9 -- June 18th & 19th 1PM Milpitas, CA

(Props to kuroppi for the sick banner!)

Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19 there will be Super Turbo at NorCal Regionals!

We’ll have three stations: 2 superguns and 1 Astro City cabinet (courtesy of bitkid)
Sticks will be provided

We’ll have 1 supergun and the cabinet set up in the back for casuals and/or team events. Open to suggestions for now. 3v3 SBO style anyone?

Entry fee: $20
*In addition, unless you are registered for NCR, you must buy a raffle ticket ($3-5) in order to compete in the ST tournament.

Sign-ups will start at noon. Tournament will start around 1PM on Saturday
Double elimination
3/5 games
4/7 games for Grand Finals
Akuma is banned
Turbo 3

Top 5 payout
1st - 60%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%
4th - 5%
5th placed players split the remaining 5% two ways

Sign-ups will be taken on-site, so see you there!

[COLOR=#00ff00]Here is the official NCR thread for further details regarding NCR[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#00ff00]Here is the site for more details regarding the ST tourney @ NCR[/COLOR]
(again, shout-out to kuroppi!)

NORCAL REGIONALS 9 ~ June 18th & June 19th "EVO 2011 Tournament Season Event"

Fudd hosting? Shit just got real. SF2 fans get hype!


This will use Super X Grand Master Challenge right?


2 copies of JP and 2 copies of US.

If you use gief and think you can land the head butt, you can always request to play on the JP stations.


No World version for O.Gief players? :smiley:


What do you think of running swiss or some other more casual-friendly format?


I think just drop the US versions and just stick to the 2 Japanese versions. switching back and forth with the different speed issues are going to mess people up.


im in it


I think Swiss tends to take longer, doesn’t it? It could be something to consider for Sunday though, if more people show interest in it.

Well, we’ll definitely have 1 JP version on the cabinet and one on supergun. US version on Turbo 2 should be fine, but if anyone is uncomfortable with that and wants to wait for an open JP version station, that is fine with me.


Could i request Daigo and a 30 pack of beers?


we’re talking tequila shots this time around. PURO PINCHE PARTY!!!


As long as JP Speed 4/US speed 3 isn’t used, I don’t think it matters, unless you play Zangief maybe.


Can anyone talk to staff if we can stream the ST tourney? I bought another capture device and I’m hopefully getting a new laptop so all we have to worry about is bandwith issues.


Last year we were using the hotel’s wireless (which dgv paid for us) and your equipments.

I don’t think choi cares.

As far as bandwidth is concerned, do you think that wireless connection would work?


This is gonna be hype. My cab will be there for one of the stations. I need to put some new sticks and buttons in it so its in tip top shape for the competitors. I will be wheeling it up to my room after the day is over for casuals on my 3rd Strike board as well (and/or ST if someone wants to lend a ST board for late night casuals).


LS32 + Sanwa buttons?


Yo, someone talk choi into getting on GGPO when your there. Help that nigga set it up, he said he had trouble. I’m counting on you fagasi.


Gonna bump this up since I had to fix a few things in the first post.

Two weeks, train up!


Kuroppi, I am dissapoint at the inelegant image of the Grand Tiger master, but I’m glad you gave him the recognition he deserves.


hey fudd, in case i miss sign ups, just sign me up please. i might be getting there late