ST tourney and Daraku Tenshi

im gonna run an st and daraku tenshi the fallen angels tourney this coming sunday

world revision for st

8pm eastern time

sign up here

turbo 2 is the speed u will play at if u play at any other speed the match does not count

Sure, why not. Sign me up; I just hope my computer’s calendar won’t fuck me up again.

I’ll be in ST. Akuma is banned in this one…right?

I wanna say put me down for ST but I’m not 100% sure ill be able to make it but ill try my best to :wgrin:

What’s the server? I might be in for ST, I have no idea what Daraku Tenshi is.

Since I’m in San Francisco though, it might not go well for me. I played a guy in Florida a few months ago and the lag was horrendous.

Also, I play on a laptop with a widescreen, is there a way to change the aspect ratio so it doesn’t stretch? Mame .64

I’m down for Daraku Tenshi.
However the most used emulator MAME 0.64 doesn’t run it correctly.

What server and what emulator?

Also, since I reverted to default settings, there is considerable slowdown for no apparent reason on ST and A2. Yet if I have some other settings enabled, it moves faster than a crackhead.

I really don’t understand this program at all.

The stretched screen and lag makes it almost not worth playing, yet my old laptop never had any problems and had correct ratios.

yeah, im in for ST. mark me down.

“I’m down for Daraku Tenshi.
However the most used emulator MAME 0.64 doesn’t run it correctly.”


Works fine for me.

sign me up for ST, we playing on Godweapons?

daraku runs correctly for me on mame.64

and yes its on godweapon
and im winning both

Godweapon florida? If so, I’m out. Sorry, won’t even be worth it. Ticks don’t work.

u can play in da roms or wherever u can get your opponenet to play u

just im hosting it from gw

Count me in for ST!

anyone who is entering just show up at 8pm eastern time and ill have my admin client up in godweapon with an st tourney chat and ill make brackets from there

What’s the time now eastern?

I will tentatively sign up.

RushedDown, I am sending you a private message explaining.

i’ll play

im in.

sign me up, what server is it?