ST Training Method?

What’s the best way to train by yourself with the arcade rom? I can’t find anything in the diagnostics that gets rid of the round timer. Is there some kind of rom hack that can do that? Being able to adjust the damage, idle position and etc would be dandy as well.

All I have is GGPO, 2df, and the roms. I don’t own ST for any consoles.

Well, one easy way to practice combos is to setup a save state, then just reload it after you try the combo. I think there are tools for NFBA floating around on the net, but this is all I have ever used. On my PC, F10 is save, and F9 is load said save state. Hope this helps.

ah yes, this is what i’m doing atm. a savestate for each character with full meter is what im working with now

anybody know any better ways?

i have FBA… kawaks doesn’t work for me.