ST USA vs Japanese version differences


What are the differences between the US and Japanese versions of ST?


The ones I know are :

Japanese version has lower AI difficultly levels than US/World/Asia

Zangief’s Jumping up+Fierce is instant dizzy in Japanese version.

Sometime’s in japanese version you’ll get insert coin in kanji, but that rarely happens.

Akuma has written diagloge when he beats up Bison and the other Akuma.

I think there are a few more stuff but I forgot after all these years.


If you’re talking about the Japanese version of Super Streetfighter IIX for Dreamcast, that move is not instant dizzy 100% of the time. It’s a random instant dizzy.


I’m talking about the arcade Super SF2X. Zangief will always dizzy with jump up+fierce (first successful attempt).

Can’t tell much about DC version, cause I didn’t play vs anyone on DC.

But I think we need to write more details about the Krazy Dizzy counter (as I call it) ;), ST has soo many in-depth stuff.


If we’re talking about arcade, the main difference between the versions is SPEED!

Japanese and World Versions are the same speed, however they are a lot slower than USA version.
Turbo 3 on Japanese/World is approximately (but not exactly) the same as Turbo 2 on USA.
Because we are all used to playing on Turbo 3 on our own versions, the first time I saw the USA Midwest 2K1 vids I was like “OMG those guys are on crack!!! how could they play on such a fast setting!!!”

Then again Japanese also has a Turbo 4 setting… muahahaha

Console is different though. Japanese DC version is faster than arcade.

As for Gief headbutt… I know it always instant dizzies in HF.

In ST generally, I’ve seen it dizzy off the bat, but usually it “almost” instant dizzies.
i.e. if you connect it, any move in the next 2 seconds (even a jab or throw) will dizzy.
And if you have taken a few hits just beforehand, the headbutt itself will dizzy you.
Then again it varies… some characters dizzy easier than others (e.g. Sim)

And I haven’t played on the arcade Japanese version for a while, so can’t argue about the move being different on that ^^

But yeah, I do remember Japanese AI being easier :slight_smile:

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)


I am pretty sure USA arcade version also has a Turbo 4 setting. At EVO2K3 there were 3 machines set on Turbo 3(for tourney), and one on Turbo 4.

I have played USA arcade, Japanese arcade, and Japanese Dreamcast versions. I had tested the headbutt on the USA version, and Japanese Dreamcast versions and like I said before that move is not instant dizzy 100% of the time. It’s a random instant dizzy. :slight_smile: I have not tested it on the Japanese arcade version. So I don’t know if it’s instant dizzy on that.

One thing I heard during EVO2K4 was that on the Japanese arcade version if a super hits, you can’t get hit with some of the hits and block the rest.


Sometimes Ryu does Super fireball at a distance, when let’s say OG Sagat is throwing FB. He gets hit by a couple of hits and can block the rest. I didnot verify myself, but hopefully someone credible who has tested this on the Japanese version can shed some light on it.

One difference I can tell you right off the bat on the Japanese Dreamcast version that doesn’t work on the the USA arcade version is that, you can do a corner crossup on 2p (right) corner.

Methods of doing it:

With Ryu: Jump and do a crossover hurricane kick. Exact way to do it is, jump and go from back to down, and once you reach the other character sprites halfway point press kick. You will end up doing a crossover and hitting him on the other side, while he is blocking snugly in the corner.

With everyone general method:

Jump with nothing over the character, and you will end up behind them in the corner.

Note: Strong Psycho crusher allows you to end up on the other side of the opponent in the USA arcade. But that’s only with Bison.

Different setups for that are:

  • If the guy is blocking.
  • If the guy gets hit with it.
  • Knockdown, then Pscyho crusher behind him with strong as he is getting up.


us version of st speed settings are speeds 0-3. japanese st is speeds 1-4. 1 being slightly faster than our 0 speed and 4 being faster than our 3 speed(our top speed)


ryu super fireball thing may happen in all version. It happen if you try chase after fireball so if think this may happen move backward.


What I heard was you cannot do that in the Japanese version. You will get hit with ALL the hits, even if you are in the same distance that you could block after taking a hit on the USA version. I haven’t tested it myself, but that is what I heard.


There must be a different HF than the one in the states(arcade). Gief’s headbutt does 8 pts of dizzy. It rarely dizzies instantly. You must have one pt of dizzy still recorded or done after the headbutt for dizzy. It can glitch out though. I’ve seen a tiger uppercut dizzy at the opening of the round. Literally, first hit dizzy, heheh.



The AI in the USA Arcade Version is alot better, CPU is alot harder to beat, the Jap Arcade Version is piss easy compared to its US Equal

and Yes, Jap Turbo 4 Speed is faster than USA Turbo 3, Obviously … :slight_smile:


obviously? its not obvious. turbo 3 is the 4th turbo setting in the us as turbo 4 on japan is the 4th also. they just numbered em different. but the speeds are slightly different on eachother. regardless. there is no speed setting in any version that will equal the speeds. capcom has a real problem with porting proper speeds over all the time :smiley:


I dunno I tried setting the game on Turbo 3 and then Turbo 4 to check the difference(Super SF2 X). It might be me but I didn’t see any difference between the 2 Speeds settings.

About the dizzies, I believe the counter doesn’t reset sometimes probably some bug…I remember being hit by a low strong, low dash punch with Balrog and gotten dizzy at the beginning of the round once. One thing I know about dizzy counter is that after the 1st dizzy the values decrease making the same dizzy combo useless, unless you insert an extra hit this action even passes on to the 2nd round.


Dizzies seem really wierd in ST… If anyone could fill me in on exactly how they work I would be in your debt… :slight_smile:

Some combos seem to ALWAYS dizzy. Gief’s headbutt is a dizzy machine… so is crossup splash, s.strong, d.forward, RBG. Sagat’s crossup forward, d.forward, s.fierce, high tiger always dizzies. Some combos seem like garaunteed dizzies.

But sometimes I land DJ’s crossup dread combo… nothing. Fei long seems iffy sometimes too. Once I landed jump in, s.fierce, wrekkas, no dizzy. Meaty low fierce, s.fierce, STILL no dizzy!

I didn’t know it passed on to the 2nd round… that would explain it some.


One thing to note that in all the arcade versions of ST there are certain stages that play faster than others.


These 2 stages are super fast.

DeeJay and Honda’s stages are very slow.

The rest are medium paced speeds.

Try them out and see for urself.


spirited: its hard to notice the speed difference unless you know the game pretty well. the difference is pretty small.

jsj: damn man, i dont think i ever noticed that. interesting, but at the same time, freaking weird


Its true. Thats why my buds and i play st on either giefs or dhalsims stage. Those stages are hella fun!


man after all these years, and i never noticed. probably never noticed since the game speed is on crack anyway. now i need to bust the game out and check it out heh


Hopefully HSF2X will have the true HF speed settings :cool:


HF gief up + fierce move is not guaranteed insta dizzy.