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I was curious about a few matches.

Vega vs Fei : I seem to notice this match is 60/40 to me right now. (im still learning vega). I noticed the fei trap is kinda irritating to vega and im curious of whats the proper way to get out.I have a method but I think expert vega players like Apoc and others with more experience probably know this trap inside and out. Also how does vega approach this match?

Vega vs Sim: I think i got this match down right now. I think the only situation that bothers me is sims ticking with the slide into noogie. What is the best and proper way of getting out of sims slide into noogie? I ussually wait for there timing to have the gap and try to flip kick out of it but ussually I have to eat 1-2 to get out.

Vega vs Honda: I swear this one so seems in hondas favor. I watched Apoc vs Painter and noticed Apoc went to Rog on this one. Im curious why. Is it cause the match is a tough one for vega? I also watched Chris Lee vs Viscant and noticed Vega having problems again. Anyone got any suggestions?





Vega vs. Fei? Vega is clearly better on the ground and air. He ownz Fei. If Fei gets a random flame kick knockdown then he has a shot because he does ridiculous damage any time he touches you. Still, Vega just ownz him imo.

Fei has to get you in the corner for the flying kick trap. And well, Vega has a reversal flipkick that, although is charged while crouching, can maintain its’ charge while standing as long as you remain holding back. So Vega could get out in so many ways. Either flip special would work. Flipkick the flying kick for a nice combo. Really nice when the Fei doesn’t understand that although he made Vega stand up, he didn’t lose his charge, heheh. Really though. Vega should never be pinned down to worry. If it happens once in a while, oh well. Still, that thing isn’t really an issue for Vega. Unless of course the Vega is into cornering himself or blocking a lot for no reason, heheh.

The proper way to avoid ticks in from Sim is to avoid the situation or reposition yourself within Vega’s throwrange when sim doesn’t realize it so that you may reverse or throw first. One key thing to remember is NOT to get knocked down and if you do, get out of the situation right off either by reversal/throw/runaway. Part of the overall strategy of this match is not to “be there.” You don’t escape the ticks, you avoid them completely down to the situation. Still, once Sim is in it’s 50/50 on the wake up. Be well aware of your opponent so you can make the right call.

I was hyper at b5 at that moment. If you notice, during the Vega matches, I attack to early. My nerves had me reacting too fast. Basically, I was having fun. Fun nerves. See, Bob was gonna pick Honda, who counters Vega(very logical) or someone like Gief or someone random that I’ll rape with Vega. And I’ll own Honda with Rog so I wasn’t trippin’ there. I lost a stupid match at b4 for forgetting that match so…took care of that, heheh. So Bob was smart, went to Honda. I was smart, went to Vega. I really feel that had I not known that I won the match at the beginning I would not have lost with Vega. It’s like knowing that THIS match isn’t do or die yet so, if I win, cool, if I don’t I know my Rog will win the whole thing. Bob played the match very well. Even tried to take advantage of my twitchiness by doing that jab headbutt to fake me into flipkicking early but luckily I had already told myself to not be so aggressive.

So, Honda does counter Vega. Especially if the Vega has no reflexes. But if you’re fast, Honda wins maybe 6-4 imo. Vega needs to get ahead on damage or be great at baiting and countering once Honda is ahead. Very difficult match for Vega but very winnable.



Let me just expand a bit on why Honda does well against Vega, for the original poster.

Honda tends to do well against a lot of chars who don’t have projectiles or safe block damage, especially if he can get ahead. Main reason is the headbutt, if you get close on the ground Honda can do it safely, and if you jump he can headbutt as well. (Kind of a crappy design actually, headbutt is anti-everything)

Honda does well against Blanka, Vega, Zangief, T. Hawk, Cammy (I would guess, don’t really know firsthand though) Once Honda gets a lead he keeps holding back and towards + punch is a counter for everything. If you can’t make Honda come to you it’s hard to beat him, and Vega can’t make Honda approach him unless he is already ahead on health.

I remember seeing Viscant Vega vs. Honda matches, it pretty much devolved into Vega off the wall vs Honda random fierce headbutts - kind of silly to watch.

As Vega you can try to lure headbutts and jump back and hit them, jump straight over and throw on land, or flip through them and throw, but that’s easier said than done, especially when Honda is mixing in pokes and such.

IMO Honda has always been kind of crappy character design, kind of all or nothing.


Viscant was flying around, I’m sure, to cross-up the Honda headbutt or to make him either lose his charge or use the flashkick special of honda’s. It’s a match specific strategy. Most Honda’s haven’t a clue of how to escape. You could probably beat most honda’s by sweeping them and constantly go for cross-up knockdowns until you’re sure he’s too afraid to counter and you use the grab. Heheh. That’s how you can tell a Honda that knows what’s up from a Honda that doesn’t. This one tactic ownz the average Honda player.

If Honda gets ahead you can still own him with fast reflexes. Once Honda gets ahead he begins to turtle in the corner. At this point, most Vega’s try and bait him but Honda’s fierce headbutt is too fast for most so they eat more block damage or take a clean hit when they aren’t watching closely enough. However, this si awesome for a fast Vega. I like when ppl do this actually. Once Honda corners himself, he can’t be deceptive with his headbutts. Any headbutt will be flipkicked since it has nowhere to go. So poke all day and react to any headbutt with a flipkick. Now Vega is ahead and Honda is in the corner realizing that he has nowhere to run and that Vega can hit him if he tries to escape with a headbutt. It’s so funny. It looks like a fool proof plan but…it’s really a dangerous one for Honda as well. If you can flipkick on reaction, the match is easier. Outside of the corner, watch for the common jab headbutt fake which is done to make Vega whiff for a free huge punish.

It’s a tense match if you take it seriously.



Vega vs. Honda comes down to who knows the matchup better. Both characters can win, but say if the Honda player doesn’t know how to get out of wall dive crossups, he’s going to get owned. Similarly, the Vega player will get owned if he doesn’t look out for jab headbutt fakes, or Oochio setups.

I’d say it’s slightly in Honda’s favour, but only cause he does more damage. The Vega player has less of a margin for error.

I really love playing this matchup. When both players know what they’re doing, it really is a true battle of wits.


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