ST vids from Preppy's on 5/23

Finally uploading them- doing it as I type. I’ll update the post with links as they finish. Starting with the finals, since those are usually popular matches to watch (probably not this time, since it’s pretty ugly most of the way through). Mute the Grand Finals, btw. Trust me. All you hear is me swearing in frustration. Unless you find that amusing somehow.

Winners bracket matches (95% sure on these)

Loser’s bracket (only 60% sure on these ones, but it doesn’t really matter, eh? They’re still matches)

Finals set (Winner’s, Loser’s, and Grand Finals)

Casuals (sorry for not putting more up, but there was a lot of randomness, ugly matches really ugly, and hella long pauses to edit through, so I just gave up)

Also, apologies for the different encodings. I used 640x480 for most of it, but started doing it in half the bitrate when I noticed that the files were pretty unnecessarily large. 320x240 at VBR~370kbps seems to work quite well, and doesn’t take up much space. But… most of it is a bit large, so that’s the main reason I upped them in packs. I promise next time will be done right, and faster, now that I have things figured out.

If you just upload one ZIP/RAR, I can extract out and re-share that …

I suppose so. That’s kinda what I’m doing, but in sets (winner’s bracket, loser’s bracket, casuals, and finals). That’s a lot easier for me and my computer, which is not amazing, and I only have good internet until I leave the college.

Bumpage. Everything is up, so Preppy will have everything up tonight, as well. If you’re impatient, though, feel free to download these. If you don’t have premium through MU, then it’s probably best to wait.

They’re uploaded now:

edit: done