[ST] Which game has the most useful training mode?

Hey all i started getting into ST on ggpo about 2 months ago and was wondering now that i have the basics down what version of the game on any console has the best training mode, input displays, dummy blocks if combo isnt timed right etc.

All i use at the moment is mame32 with cheat.zip for combos but its not really that helpful for advanced combos were the timing is tight.

I was thinking that HDR might be the best bet but at the same time worried if i train on there my execution on ST would go to pot. Basically i need/want to get my execution on point as its a bit shaky right now.

Any comments would be appreciated.


The execution stuff will still work, especially since you can go into Vanilla ST mode in HDR’s excellent training mode. Hitbox displays, all your standard training mode options, HDR’s got one of the best training modes in any SF game.

Ah had no idea you could switch between the two, that changes everything, thanks for the quick reply. :slight_smile:

Except HDR doesn’t show inputs, it’s a real bitch.

why would you need to see your inputs? ST/HDR don’t have that many complex execution techniques. Just do the motions till you get your moves.

this. and the inputs are pretty strict.

So now you’re saying viewable inputs is not necessary?

Are you people high?

Uhm, or you can just play on ggpo and figure shit out. Seriously this game isn’t complex in the fact that you need viewable inputs. But if you really need to I guess use HDR classic mode training mode. What do you think people did in '94?

can you tell me what you need viewable inputs for?

I love practice mode in HDR for hitboxes alone… gives a better understanding of moves and the game itself.

Do you know what people did in '94?

ST wasn’t even released yet where I live in '94. It came out in '95. Let’s just say that if viewable inputs where available in previous ports of ST, I’d have figured out Ryu’s cr Fierce xx Super Combo in '95 instead of 2005. (I and a lot of people didn’t know about SRK or online SF sites then)

i learned how to play the game on ggpo thanks, i look at match vids i read up on matchup strats and combos and basically i’m at the point in my progress where i need a good training mode to practice combos.

also to answer the input display question, not everyone is born with godlike execution, i keep reading in the ‘execution help’ threads that input display is useful, i’m new to stick and using a square gate i find shoryukens pretty hard to do on reaction, i dunno how it is in sf4 or any other fighter but in ST you gotta do it fast and accurately and if it’s not coming out 40% of the time then i wanna see why and try to hone it down till i get it right.

anyway thanks to the guys who replied to my question. everyone else stop the drama, im not asking for advice on how to practice, just looking for a good training mode.


HDR’s training mode is pretty weak IMO. Input display and dummy recording should be the standard at least. Might as well play in Mame vs P2 with the Infinite Time/Health cheats turned on. The hitbox stuff is easy enough to figure out by feel anyway.

…to see where exactly you’re screwing up? To see whether it’s simply timing, or whether you’re screwing up in directional or button presses??

Hmmm I don’t think STs inputs are really that complex but oh well if you need it cool.

It’s not a matter of the special move inputs being complex it’s a matter of wanting to know if you’re hitting extra directions or not

I don’t make sense why you’re such a stickler about input display being useless

thats pretty much it :slight_smile:

Its ESPECIALLY in ST where I need to see inputs. I don’t even need it for 3s, sf4 or even HDR. Every other game has insanely flexible inputs compared to ST. I still can’t get srk motions out consistently on ST after trying a million different ways(which is why I use charge chars instead for that game). The motions are way more strict compared to other sf games.

Yea I agree with showing your inputs in training mode. I think its a real helper but HDR doesn’t have this option. I remember training mode for KI2 for N64, lol. I really liked it back then because it showed the inputs.

Not a stickler about it, but your statement of “are you guys high” made it seem like it’s a necessity when learning this game when it’s not, people have been playing the game without it for ages. I personally don’t see how input display is of much use without also showing the relative time in between inputs (like VF) anyways. Usually the problem for difficult combos and sequences is the timing, not just hitting the right directions and buttons in the right order.

And extra directions also don’t really matter. I’m in HDR training mode on classic mode doing exaggerated motions like :r::hcf: :p:or something stupid like :r::qcf::db: :p:(took me a while to even do this motion its so awkward) and I’m getting SRKs if I’m finishing them within the proper input window. You can even do a full 360 starting from down and then :qcf: :p:to get a regular :qcf::qcf: type super. ST has a pretty good input priority system in place.

Again, if you feel it would help you that’s fine man, but I’m not high because I believe it’s not a necessity. Just keep doing the motions and you’ll be fine.