ST: Which variant of the CPS2 board is the rarest?

I was wondering which is more rare, the USA boards or the World edition? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

moving to tech talk

you aren’t going to get hardware answers in other games (which is largely a dead forum anyway)

Are you asking as a collector or buyer? There is a BIG DIFFERENCE.
Also there no such thing as a WORLD Board, don’t confuse rom versions with the actual hardware.

CPS2 boards are kinda weird when it comes to collectibles, as you also have to factor in restoration efforts such as Phoenix Boards or boards that had to be restored (damn suicide batteries)

In the US, the blue boards are more common. I seen them more often for trade or sale on like with various online groups (like here at Shoryuken or the Neo Geo forums) as well as eBay.

Boards color guide

Yes CPS2 systems comes in 2 parts, the B Board is almost like a large game cart, where the game software is held, and the A board is the main board that hooked up to it’s Jamma harness for the Arcade machine.
You only need 1 A board, as the B boards are interchangeable.

I only boards I ever seen are the blue and Green boards, I never saw the orange, yellow, grey or black boards.
That said I doubt you are going to have a more valuable board just because the South America or Asian versions, as you also need the matching B boards.

So far the value of the boards depends largely on condition and play ability.

I’d say the more rare are the yellow and black boards. I see grey and orange boards every other blue moon on ebay sometimes (although mostly not ST so I suppose that doesn’t count). The only black board I’ve ever seen on sale anywhere the past couple years was for Hyper SF2. And I can honestly say I’ve never seen a yellow board for sale.

From what I’ve seen in my hunt for CPS2 boards, the Green JP one is the most common of the Super Turbo boards, more common than the Blue USA boards. I think I’ve seen one Grey Asia board listed once, but I’ve never seen Orange or Yellow ones.

@Solmin Definitely Yellow version. This is almost always the case for any CPS2 title.

And to try and squelch one of the most idiotic falsehoods of CPS2 information to be propagated around the internet: THESE ARE NOT UNIVERSAL BOARDS. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen people parrot the claim that these are universal. It is physically impossible to have a universal CPS2 B board (one that will plug into any A board). The connector types on the A boards vary and there’s no amount of modification you could do to make something work with them all.

Yellow B boards typically mate with USA/EUR (Blue) or JAPAN (GREEN), but some Capcom distributors were notorious for converting games and mixing/matching cases, so it’s entirely possible that there are a few Yellow cased B boards that won’t mate with a USA/EUR/JP A boards.

I forgot to point out that all boards are not universal.

Ssf world tournament edition cps2

I wasn’t actually addressing you, just thought I’d mention about the Yellow boards not being universal because it seems like everybody and their dog thinks they are. In fact your comment “Yellow : All (Rent version)” could be taken that way. Also of note, there is no evidence that Rental boards were distributed to all regions.

I was just copying and pasting what I found from page.

The fact I never even seen a Yellow rental board on the internet (yeah I could google for it) makes me think they were not widely distributed.
I have a much easier time finding Neo Geo rental carts (I own 3 of those) then anything other than Blue or Green CPS2 boards.

It does not help matters that most web sites with CPS2 information is unclear, ambiguous or just flat-out completely wrong when it comes to yellow boards probability results in all the confusion.
Only site (that I found) that don’t have Yellow boards labeled as “ALL” is Wikipedia

Looks like now that the “YELLOW” boards are kind of deceptive, my conclusion that Yellow boards are just some other region board (like Blue or Green) with a alternate cover.
But that could be wrong to as this site LINK claims Yellow B boards require a Yellow A board. I got no idea if that is right or not

But I did edit the yellow entry above to just read [RENT VERSION]

Also according to Wikipedia there also pink B boards which is just for Brazil and undoubtedly I can assume only compatible with Brazilian A boards.
I can’t even find a Pink board photo…

In my experience, there is nothing deceptive about Yellow boards. The only asterisk is if one of the not-so-classy Capcom distros made some franken-boards, which can be the case with any colored board. Otherwise, Yellow is the same as GREEN/BLUE. I own 3 Yellow B boards and 1 Yellow A board, all of which are compatible with GREEN/BLUE, so I’m not just repeating internet hearsay (like most sites).

thanks guys. Is there a difference between usa and europe blue boards? I can’t seem to find the free play option on my blue board. going to check again tonight.

thanks guys. Is there a difference between usa and europe blue boards? I can’t seem to find the free play option on my blue board. going to check again tonight.

Very, very rarely you get some language differences, but this is very rare. Like a text heavy game being in Spanish coming from Spain (but not Mexico), or France getting a French language version.
I haven’t seen it with CPS2 boards.

I’ve never had a EUR super turbo, so I don’t know if “free play” was available on that one, but if you want to verify which version you have, just watch the boot screen when you first power up and it will say whether it’s USA or EUROPE version. Capcom Coin-Op USA really liked making things “their own”, so it’s entirely possible that the USA super turbo is the only version with “free play.”

Thanks! Anyone know if there’s a way I can “convert” my Europe version to USA or where I can get it exchanged?

Here’s the bootup screen. Sorry. waiting on my xrgb-mini to arrive from Japan. :slight_smile:

Can you provide a photo of the Board?

The hardware will effect you more than the software.

Any B board can be converted to any game.

@Solmin if you simply want freeplay and your board doesn’t have that option, you either need a USA board or a Phoenixed board. If your board has a battery still, you can’t change the game program in it and have it work properly. I have a Japanese SSFIIX board without a battery (died and revived) that I could convert to USA for you or there’s also a modfied Japan ROM which adds freeplay. I could load either of those and trade you for your board. Shoot me a PM if interested.

No free play in Euro ST :frowning:

As an update. I found out there is no Euro edition but a World Edition blue board versus the USA blue board. The World Edition does not have free play and I confirmed there is a glitch in the O. Zangief version which can do a full screen suplex as a reversal. I tested this myself with the copy I have and I was able to chuck a fireball from one character full screen and go into a block -> do suplex motion and grab the shoto from full screen.