ST World Record High Scores


Although Super Street Fighter II Turbo is usually a two-player competition, some people over the years have asked me how their single-player high scores (on 1 credit) compare to the world record so I’m creating this thread for reference.

For the tougher US version on difficulty 8, the record to beat is 1,865,000 from OG tourney player Jason Wilson. Score verified by and info courtesy of Twin Galaxies (

For the Japanese version on default settings, below are the top scores for each of the 17 characters. The confirmed world record is with Ryu at 4,111,000 (for perspective, that’s around 342,000 per match). There are online accounts of higher scores but they’re hard to take seriously without evidence. Scores verified by Gamest and Arcadia magazines, and info courtesy of Nonkiya (

Character — Score — Player — Source

Ryu —— 4,111,000 —— 下河塾生RMN?-CKY-イマ○チオ経(橙) —— '05.05.Arcadia
Ken —— 3,778,000 —— さみだれ(橙)烈風静流桜RMN?-CYK経 —— '05.04.Arcadia
Blanka —— 3,345,000 —— MRC アイフル —— '00.06.Arcadia
Chun Li —— 3,301,400 —— こっちもやってみた RMN?-CKY-経 —— '06.07.Arcadia
Dhalsim —— 3,206,500 —— SSMR’S-MRC 橙鎖陽炎 —— '95.07.Gamest
Sagat —— 3,059,700 —— カリでか君ことRMN-CKY-072膣ね —— '05.09.Arcadia
Guile —— 3,007,400 —— SSMR’S-MRC レモン-阿重霞 —— '96.02.Gamest
Dee Jay —— 2,856,500 —— 常連代表 —— '00.08.Arcadia
Fei Long —— 2,843,200 —— 顔射 O~ —— '05.10.Arcadia
dictator —— 2,722,200 —— GSM-VEGATTY —— '96.09.Gamest
boxer —— 2,632,100 —— 下河塾長香川でもお元気で!BY(ま)(社)(熊)(文)(経) —— '05.11.Arcadia
Cammy —— 2,587,100 —— URA(氏) —— '01.10.Arcadia
E.Honda —— 2,535,500 —— NAM —— '95.01.30.Gamest
Gouki —— 2,195,200 —— 経 —— '05.08.Arcadia
Zangief —— 1,931,400 —— GDS-RUN 顔パワー炸裂! —— '01.01.Arcadia
claw —— 1,866,200 —— 橙の薙刀RMN?-SST-坪井経○○○湖 —— '05.10.Arcadia
T.Hawk —— 1,838,100 —— GSM-つる —— '98.06.Gamest


I have a question about the twin galaxy scores… If it’s single player, and no continues allowed. How come some of the high scores final digits are not 0’s… are the last few digits dropped or something? some of the scores also seem absurdly low. 10th place with ~100k? (also the REALLY wierd, 12 Nick Popovich 19,400)

I need access to a US ST board so I can place 11th on that list.

And i’m guessing twin galaxy doesn’t accept highscores from the japanese version? (Super x?) (even under a different category? since, the AI is easier)

I noticed they have Super Turbo, Super Turbo REvival. Super Turbo (world rom , on MAME platform? but not arcade? WTF?)


Good point, it looks like whoever verified the US scores dropped the ball. 1-player, 0-continue scores in ST must be divisible by 100. Digits weren’t omitted because ST’s maximum score is only 9,999,999 (a pretty common sight after a few hours of nonstop 2-player action).

The multitude of 6-24-00 entries suggests a record-keeper was on-hand for MWC that year and everyone who attempted (or was allowed to attempt) the score challenge got his name listed. The only situation where having a non-zero value in the last 2 digits could make sense to me is if another player accidentally joined the game at the very beginning so everyone just waited it out with a no-action 2-player draw game before P1 continued to start his run. But even then, the starting score would be at 2, not 1 or 9.

As for the nonsensical scores and low scores, there’s a reason high score seekers for Japanese-developed arcade games don’t take Twin Galaxies seriously… Unless the game was a golden age classic, I’d always look for the Gamest/Arcadia record. The only reason I mentioned the Twin Galaxies record here is to respect ST’s regional difficulty difference.

If you compare other SF2 installments where there is no difficulty difference, Gamest/Arcadia still have higher records, albeit with smaller margins:

SSF2: 2,543,800 (Gamest) > 1,547,400
HF: 2,048,400 (Arcadia) > 1,441,400
CE: 1,718,200 (Gamest outdated) > 1,609,600
WW: 2,385,100 (Gamest) > 1,404,800


The low scores are because too few people added a score. For instance, no-one has added a score for Turtles in Time by now.


Twin Galaxies, outside of a certain era and style of game, is pretty uncompetitive. Also, there are a few examples of impossibly high records on other games, so a screw up is not out of the question.

Many games don’t even have a high score at all.

The live score scenario mentioned earlier is probably correct.