Stabilizing mc Cthulhu inside a case


How do you stabilize your mc Cthulhu inside your custom stick builds? As what sized screws and/or project boxes have you used? I did a search and I can’t seem to find that info. With other mods I was able to use a zip tie To keep my paewang from rattling around inside but I want to do something more professional looking and clean in my current build


Screw stand offs. There little cylinders of blocks that get screwed or glued into your stick case then you screw the PCB in to the stand offs.
I recommend checking Fry’s Electronics first but if you do not have access to a Fry’s try Radio Shack.

Most of there stand offs have screws provided


Thanks. I had kind of hoped that was the answer but didn’t want to waste my money prior to asking. RadioShack here I come