Stadium Food (ESPN Feature)


ESPN - What’s lurking in your stadium food? - E-ticket

ESPN did a feature talking about health code violations at sports stadiums. You can check out their reviews right there.

A few things to take away from it:

  1. In food, just like in football, the New England Patriots>whatever you like. Gillette Stadium has 0% of their stands violating the health code.

  2. If you live in Florida (or happen to be a Washington Capitals fan) do NOT eat food or drink sodas purchased at the stadiums. 100% of the places inspected in the Verizon Center and Tropicana Field failed inspection. Florida had six other stadiums with health code violations at a 75%+ frequency. The FLA stadium with the highest cleanliness was the home of the Florida Panthers…with “only” 67% of the places inspected violating.

  3. California takes relatively good care of their vendor stands…but as usual, Boston does it better.

  4. 48% of stands at Yankee Stadium have health code violations. I wish this number was higher.


God damnit. I go to dollar hot dog nights at Tropicana too. never againnnnnnn


Chef Ramsay’s next show should be about these places.



Forget about the place it’s cooked in, how good do you think the hot dogs themselves are?


There’s a reason why dollar hot dog night on fridays are followed up by diarrhea saturdays. BUT THEY’RE ONLY A DOLLAR


All 3 locations in Ontario, Canada had 0 violations.

If they had health issues at the ACC I’d fucking flip my lid considering their concession prices.


Why is bad food always the best food?


Yo, STATE OF FUCKING FLORIDA, step your game up! Good lord…

Worth noting that SOME of the violations are pretty minor, but some almost made me throw up in my mouth a bit just thinking about them too. Not something to take lightly.


:rofl: Pampered bitches…

Y’all bunch of pansies should go get a snack at a Central/South American stadium…where only the brave survive. :razz:


Yeah it’s pretty much why I don’t eat concessions at Raps games.

Skydome on the other hand cannot be avoided, damn you Quaker Steak…


This right here is relevant.

I actually went through the list of hazards reported in the TD Bank North Garden (that’s the home to the Bruins and Celtics). The violations, largely, were quite minor. They ranged from storing meat above bread in freezers (which isn’t a big deal, since it’s a freezer) to having broken switch covers on the ice-maker. There are plenty of minor ones, but Florida still has PLENTY of nasty shit going on. 100%!!! :rofl:


Hope LeBron doesn’t eat the staduim food there…


The ballparks here get busted for temperature violations, the cooler/freezer fans fuck up if you don’t dust them regularly. There’s some spraying involved to get the tougher stuff off, but not that bad unless you have a shelf full of shit blocking the way.

I also notice that a lot of the concessions stands at ballparks are staffed by volunteers. I seriously doubt they sat through a two-hour food safety class before they went to help out.

Also, I hope we at least get better prices out of this. I’d like to think that no one will accept paying six bucks for nachos now, but a lot of people are on the “ignorance is bliss” side of the argument.


The problem with places like Florida and the south, or places with scorching temperatures during Summer and Fall such as the Midwest, is that the crazy ass temperatures and humidity spoil the food REAL fast. Both in and out of the kitchen, so if they don’t take care of the food and store it in freezers and shit, regardless of how you cook it, it’s already fucked up. Now outside of the stand is all on the customer, but they still should take note.


lol my buddy has season tix to the raptors, and I cringe at the prices of shit there. Especially that delivery to your seat service in teh lower bowl. 8 bucks for a MINI bag of popcorn? $10 for a tiny beer THAT THEY BREW ON SITE???

However, you think if we ever get a team, Copps (or whatever becomes our arena) would even cut us some slack? lol no


yes, we are the worst in canada



on a related note, Turner Field’s the best in the NL BEast. Yes.


Yeah, too bad there are no beasts in the NL.

NL is like the fucking WNBA to the AL.


Food poisoning is the new sports gambling. Bet it.


19% over some potato salad.

Not bad. I’m still smuggling my own snacks in, but not bad.