Staff can u restart my game

i did this many times in an arcade i jusk ask the personel to repeat my game couse it hangs and it did!!

how, i choose remy then my frend use urien, urien must be in the corner and remy must be close to urien, urein will do the s.a.3 then remy must s.grab before the s.a.3 is complete… while remy is doing the combo grab he will be hit by s.a.3 and that will be the glitch to urien, urien can’t move… then will let the time to end then we will let them restert the game… you can make urien move again by remy hitting urien… i do this every time i practiceso no need for credits:evil: :smiley:

and that trick, my friend… is popularized here in the philippines by non other than me. :smiley:

im from the same side too!!!

im from the philippines to!!
remy is tolbats…

cheap asses

This happens to if you kill makoto with a neutral through with ken. Except the whole game just dies. it’s pretty funny

it’s not about being cheap… it’s about getting a knack out of messing with the arcade crew.

shinmakoto sino ka? san ka naglalaro?

sucat sir!!!

master k c rigel>a.k.a=kamui.:lol: