Stage Builder: Timing Moving Platforms

Ok, so once I got the obligatory Saffron City 64 and Hyrule Castle 64 remakes out of the way, I turned my focus to new, but different stages.

One that I came up with was quite interesting in concept, but I just can’t get the moving platforms to behave how I want them to.

Here’s the overall idea:

  • Small stage, with spikes along the bottom in a 3-blank-2-blank-3 pattern.
  • Above the spikes, in the same pattern, are drop-through platforms (stationary). I already know this hoses grapple-recoverers, thank you (though you should probably switch out if you’re Ivysaur).
  • At each side, over the middle of the 3-long platforms, is a vertically-moving platform. These I want to have moving so they pass each other at their midpoint.
    Above the middle of the stage, two horizontally-moving platforms. Again, these should be moving in opposite directions at all times.

Problem is, when I test or play the stage, they don’t behave as they’re supposed to. What do I need to do to get the game to cooperate with me, or is this another case of the stage builder seeming to be slapped together last-minute?

When you select a part, you can use the C-stick to rotate it. For moving platforms, the C stick will change their direction. Hope this helps.

Even then, the timing is off.

Maybe it’s just the stage builder being crap. (I mean, even placing things at the bottom of the grid doesn’t mean they’re at the bottom of the stage…)

The stage builder is designed the way it is so that there’s always a way for someone to be KO’ed.