Stage requests/suggestions

Would really like to see some moving stages return, like rolento’s lift from alpha 2, Guile’s alpha 3 stage. I don’t think 4 had any of these right?

Vega’s cage as well.

I like moving stages but I do get distracted by them.

I don’t know what it is about Third Strike, (and I’ve never even played it), but I LOVE the stages and music and graphics of that game. I really would enjoy seeing some returning stages or something to that brings back that same ambiance or feel. Union Station so far feels very reminiscent of those kinds of stages, and I along with City in Chaos kind of. But I’m so looking forward to more stages in the future if they ever make any more.

More stages that when defeated at the corner it either expands the map or does a sweet animation.

Is hard give a judgement as now, since we are not even seeing complete version of current stages

btw i want

-snow stage, maybe outside Gief stage? Helen (if she will be a char) seem designed for snow scenario
-Mika’s ring art stage
-Rashid’s desert art stage
-Claw cage
-Las Vegas casinò with Boxer dlc
-Some epic Greek stage for Urien (or maybe a wannabe Rome-Coliseum stage)
-Guile stage being an huge -murrica flagged- aircraft carrier in the ocean
-Sim stage to expand on the right into usual elephants temple
-Laura stage to expand into brazilian beach
-Italy/France/Germany… more europe on general
-grass alpha stage
-Halloween darkstalkers pack (stage + costumes)
-moving stages like boats, train or elevators
-fuck usual hidden shadaloo base, give Dictator an open stage that show his status as leader of xxx nation/city/area

on general

-more nature, IDGAF industrial shit it’s easier to do in 3D
-less shitty bg peoples (specially if 30 fps)
-more beautiful colored stages as Kanzuki estate, less hyper colored fog garbage a la Sim stage

The stage they never did

  • Ever tought it will be super cool have a martial arts World Tournament stage, done as an arena where on the crowd you see many fighters of various styles… like karatekas, boxers, wrestlers, kung fu masters, etc, all there watching the Grand Final.
    Of course that will be the chance for fuckton of cameos

For many years I’ve been asking for a return of the grass stage. It’s my favourite SF stage of all time.

I would love it if we could get snow, storm and night variations (like the spring version of the Kanzuki estate)

Tekken can keep Akuma if we can have THIS


I’d love a stage similar to GG Xrd’s Edinburgh Magica Polis.

i’d like all the sfv stages remade with background characters that don’t look like they’re from a DS game