Stage Select Trick

I was playing KotH a few days ago and the king was using mainly Doomsday and Superman. He was doing this very annoying and ridiculously lame trick with stage select where he picks a character, you pick a character, then it goes to the stage selection screen, he picks the stage he wants and then goes back to character select and waits until the timer expires.
Somehow, it seems the default stage is the Asylum stage, or at least that was the stage he repeatedly "selected."
The annoyance is that obviously you have no say in the stage and you have to wait until the timer expires.
On top of this, he has a mic and talks so much trash, claiming he’s so good, etc.

To me, it’s not only selfish and puerile, but scrubby to manipulate stage selection just to get wins. I’m letting this trick be known so you all may be aware of it without using it yourselves.