Stage size?

I’ve heard rumours to the effect that the stages have different sizes and that some aggressive players try to pick the smallest stages in order to corner you faster.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Stages are just graphical packs, they do not affect gameplay.

From Tech Talk thread:

Seems likely they do all have identical dimensions.

Pick East Asia, Overpass because its the best stage

Apparently overpass stage is the shortest, that’s why Mago also picks it when he plays Fei Long. I can’t confirm that though. I do know that all the stages aren’t the same size, at least when it came to the arcade version of SFIV. SFIV Diner Stage was longer in the arcade version.

Console SFIV/SSFIV Diner stage:

Notice the stage edge on the right (2 seconds in) and left (1:00)

Compare it to the stage edges in arcade SFIV diner:

Right edge (2:27) Left edge (1:11)

Arcade SFIV Diner stage is probably the longest stage in the SFIV series.

Overpass is of the same length as every other stage. They’re just 3d backdrops.

ilitirit, it’s possible that the arcade version uses a different camera in-game that might create this effect. Do the other stages look the same? It doesn’t make sense that the x-axis would be altered in any way.

The diner stage stage is bigger in the arcade version. The other stages have subtle differences but nothing in terms of stage length as far as I can tell.

The playable horizontal area is 15 units* in length for all stages. Initially, the fighters are at a distance of 3, both being 1.5 away from the centreline at the start of the round. The fastest group of characters (Akuma, Cammy…) moves forward at a rate of 0.055 per frame.

** 1 unit = close/far cutoff for Ibuki’s s.LP; if less distance to enemy, she gets the close version.*


Your argument is null and void.

Alright you win >_>

I would’ve figured that the stages were 20 meters in length. Aren’t there 10 grid spaces on each side in the training stage? And aren’t those 1 meter in length?

The stage itself is of that length, but isn’t the playable area something like 14 training room squares across? The unit of measurement I used is the same one the game uses for its calculations, like determining close/far normals. I think that the training squares are slightly bigger than it. However, the values I gave are not approximations; they are the exact internal distances in the game.

I’m not sure. I’m geniunely curious how big the stages and playable areas are. From the bit of playing around with mod stuff I thought, and I could be wrong, that each square in the training stage was 1 meter and that you got to move to both ends of the screen. Thus, stage size = 20m. But I could be wrong.

I’m curious why you gauge Ibuki’s moves as the unit of measure when she wasn’t introduced until Super. Not insinuating that you’re wrong, just curious.

Oh, that. I gave Ibuki as an example because her s.LP has the cutoff at precisely 1, which is rare. If we look at Ryu, all of his normals have it at 1.2. These values can be extracted from the game’s data.

Here’s how it works in practice: Ibuki is standing at 0.0 on the x-axis, Ryu is at 1.1. Note that when I say someone is at a certain coordinate, it means that their central x is there (this might be different than the character’s visual centre). Thus, the distance between the x of Ibuki and the x of Ryu is 1.1 in this example. At this range, if Ibuki presses LP, she will get the far version of her normal, but Ryu doing the same will get the close version of his.

This cutoff value can be modified; let’s say that Ibuki’s s.LP would be changed to 3. I mentioned earlier that the initial distance between characters is 3 at the start of the round. If Ibuki stands still and presses LP, she will get the far version (simply because it has higher priority than the close one), but if she were to move forward at all, it would come out as close jab.

The playable length of the stage - 15 units of this kind - is something I got from the game’s memory.