Stages/costumes that cause lag?

Anyone ever tested the stages/costumes for lag?

It seems some of the stages lag even more in AE, possibly due to new chars/costumes. Diner stage is known to lag since Vanilla days, but when when it’s Oni vs Oni it becomes noticeable even during replays. I noticed many Japanese players play exclusively on Training Stage on the console version, so maybe they know about it already?

Yes, this is especially obvious on the PC version. The more a processor has to draw on the screen, generally the slower it is.

On PC I have everything set to low, and I always choose training stage so that if the other person’s computer is slow we should have more optimal play. Even though on max details I score over 100FPS I still lower everything to reduce the chance of dropping combos etc.

Which stages/costumes cause the most lag though? I suspect Korea is also a bit laggy but I’ve never tested it. Blanka’s flaming homo outfit also seems a bit suspect.

I dunno if that latest Blanka alt lags the game, but it makes me want to vomit, so … there’s that.

I’ve heard bad things about the drive in stage, and I remember Wolfkrone stating that he likes playing the training mode stage online because it has the least amount of lag.

It’s common sense to only play on the training stage…if you think it’s boring then change the textures.

Now getting the smart-ass ignorant players on AEPC to understand this is another story. Most common response is “Derp Derp I just bough this computer Quad core 9000 gigs 9000 ram derp derp you’re computer is ass derpy queef derp”

For some reason, PC game really likes to slow down on the training stage for me, FPS drops significantly. And no, setting everything to low doesn’t change a bit, stays the same. Its so confusing because all the challenges and also the actual training are done there and those hang ups only screw everything up. Don’t like it when training stage is selected in the online match.

Do a HARD uninstall on your videocard drivers. And try a different set of drivers for your video card

if you want modded video card drivers take a trip to and do some researching

Thanks for an advice, but everythings is fine with my videocard and drivers, I’m knowledgeable with this stuff. The one and only slow down problem occurs at training stage and mostly in corners, pretty weird.

That Blanka alt should be fucking banned. That shit gives you a clear advantage, makes it way harder to tell what he’s doing.


Drive In and Crumbling Laboratory lag the most. In general, the more moving pieces, the more lag. You’d think Crumbling Lab wouldn’t be that bad, but I guess all those tiles on the ground that shake is what kills it. The normal lab stage doesn’t seem remotely as bad.

The recent interview with Fuudo almost confirms the suspicion that many top players pick Training Stage to reduce lag:

If this is true then it makes sense to play on a stage with the lowest lag possible if you’ve been training at the arcades.

I’ve heard that rumour about the drive-in stage. Gooteks said it to mike ross on Adventures.
He said “everyone knows that…”

Volcanic Rim is FULL of lag. The training stage does help with lag and when i use Dan cause its his stage!!!

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