Stages Selection


here the list of patterns for first stage on GGPO according the first character selected (either 1P or 2P):

Japan Dojo: Pick Chun Li

Brazil: Pick Cammy

USA GI Joe: Pick Ryu, Blanka or Hawk

USA docks:Pick Sagat or Bison

China: Pick Guile

Jamaica: Pick Honda or Ken

Mexico: Pick Dhalsim

Hong Kong: Pick Dee Jay

England:Pick Fei, Zangief, Balrog or Vega

Thx to Carbon12 for the help testing it

UD-CPS2: Fully Consolized Capcom Play System 2

Nice! Now the next step is the stage order after picking those characters =p


Seriously, well done on this one. I was so tired of getting Guile’s stage in every match :stuck_out_tongue:


Honda and Ken players, please be educated: wait for your opponent to choose his character before selecting yours.


yes, I hate it when I play vs EVD n he picks Ken before I pick mine >:(

btw, its not accurate 100% but majority of times it should be those stages


I just noticed not all stages are on the list. But sometimes the stages are predictable. Maybe someone can do the first few stages so we can get for example, the fastest route to Japan: Sumo Bathhouse.


Pick Guile, after China u should be in there


lmao. wow. seriously? that was fast. goes and checks what other stages are missing

edit: Alright now for USSR and India for completeness sake. (even though they’re the fastest and fast + online + lag = ugh.


USSR is easy, after Japan dojo, u r in the Soviet Union

About India, idk, I think if u pick Ken, n if u get Jamaica, India is the 2nd stage, not sure but u should test it


maybe it’s a combination of x vs x along with who picks first and which char is p1 and how much gay porn was watched b4 ggpo and if they are a troll or not and if they are mexican or not and if they are drunk or not


Bison = ken/gief/dj/sim ALWAYS. Oh yeah… in that order.

I have other listings but not for FBA, and only for bison.


Holy shit, I will never pick Guile first again. Chun and Honda have become accidental alts for me because I just want to get through their damn stages to the dojo.


China stage is cool, but ppl dont like due being too fast paced compared to other stages, the most I hate is Mexico cuz it used to be the default stage back in the days LO0l


Mexico just has shit music and is way too colourful


Lets talk the best stages…
MY fav stage is EASILY Giefs stage. mostly because of the COOL music and cause of that sign on the fence that says “f*** you”.


Best stage is Cammy’s, hands down. Has the best Street Fighter theme, too. Ken stage is great too.

Least favorite stages: Jamaica, China, Brazil, India. I kind of like Mexico, but it can get annoying with time.


Yeah, I love that stage. The bridge could use a few more foundations, but that aside, it is great in every sense.

The stages I like are Ryu, Ken, Guile, Cammy, Boxer and Dictator. I’ve always loved Claw’s, but the speed in ST is a bit faster than I wanted it to be there.

My most favorite theme will always be CPS-1 Ryu. Too many fond memories!


Best stages have to be the ones with the best music. Ryu, Ken, Guile, Boxer, Zangief.

Best themes are anything from the SNES version of SF2:Turbo. And undisputebly, the best SF2 music came from the 3d0 version of ST.


yeah, 3do version of ST is the best music, wondering if it could be added to the ST ROM?


i know this is kinda off topic but… I hate these stages:
[]Sim(the music, the background, everything!)
]China(fucking music is annoying)
[]Honda’s Stage(the music, the background, everything!)
]Deejay(annoying music)
[]Hong Kong(i hate the music)
I love in specific order:
]Hawk(i used to hate hawk’s stage)
[*]Claw(i used to hate it)
Indiferent to: everything else.