So, Birdie and Cammy, both British, were presented along with an England stage…

It could be 2 characters per stage?

China stage is Chun-Li and… mmmh… Yun? Gen? Perhaps a new Chinese character?

I guess Japan stage could feature Ryu AND Sakura.

Check at the artworks and you can see other stages, for example in Nash’s case, an Egypt stage is hinted. I hope that means Urien.

What other stages and/or characters and nationalities would you like to see represented?


I like how Kof series put some cameras making it look like the fights were televised since it is a tournament.


New Zealand stage - No idea here, but I guess we’re going to have at least 1 new character.

Brazil stage - Blanka and Sean would be my bets here! :smiley:


Ugh it’s back…


mod pls close this thread. magegg can’t just let things die.


Yeah, because talking about stages is forbidden.


no but having more than one thread on the same subject is both divisive and annoying. and you reviving your own thread for no apparent reason other than this is your thread, is also divisive and annoying.


Well, the other threads are to say what stages you want to come back, that says in the title. It’s not my fault they opeened a thread with such a narrow scope in mind.


yet your revival post talks about characters you anticipate, like the other thread.

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It’s everything related to stages, you can talk anything about stages here, not only the characters, even if that’s what I (for myself) decided to open the talk with.

The other one is basically a poll thread… that’s the one that should be closed.


ok I thought I knew which thread you were talking about until you mentioned how it’s basically a poll thread. But I think you’re now issuing a challenge that I can’t just talk anything about stages in the other thread also, proving the redundancy of this thread.


It’s not my fault they’re going so off-topic with that thread, the topic should be exactly what it’s put in the title. I’m just trying to do things right and according to the rules and logics.



We already have an existing thread for stages, use that instead.