Stagger strings?

Just came across some Adon info I read in the comments section of Eventhubs, apparently Adon has an amazing stagger string? First of all, let me just make sure I understand what is meant by stagger string, that’s when the opponent reels back for a second, right? The string is St.Lk> St.LK > close st.MK, etc. I tried getting this to work, but couldn’t. Could anyone enlighten me on this?

Probably referring to block strings but using a different terminology.

Stagger strings are when you use a 3 frame normal and continue to jab but you walk forward a little when doing so its pretty hard to escape unless you have a good reversal

Thanks for the answer. I asked this in the Newbie Dojo too and they pretty much told me the same thing, it’s just putting little gaps/breaks in your string to fish for something.