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What are good block strings to use with ken? When I play average players I beat them easily with CH setups and throw mixup. When I play a good player I feel they are not scared of my throwyuken mixup. When my throws start getting teched I get frusturated and become predictable. I think I need to learn to play without relying on the kara throw so much. Idk. I know it doesn’t mean much but I maintain around 4k pp so I am competent but I’m not where I want to be. Thx in advance.

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The only other thing that you might be missing is letting them press buttons and whiff punishing. For people fighting ken the scariest thing is getting cornered and having the ken player just stand there, so they tend to stick out normals to keep him away.

If you can sneak in an overhead, you can probably open them up as well.

Just my 2 cents.


Do your usual Kara throw block string and wait… they whiff… you’ve found out their rhythm… go for the block string again but use stand strong counter hit into sweep in tune with when they pushed their button.

You can also do a block string and wait, they whiff, then kara throw during their recovery.

If they’re not pushing buttons, walking forward will make them push buttons.


i’ve been doing a lot of focus attack lately to blow up their crouch techs. it gives crumple state if its counter hit too.
for example,, cr.lp, focus attack. i wont use kara focus because they can break the focus easily with two crouching shorts. i’ll only kara focus if i did, cr.lp, cr.lp
or i’ll just do the good old, cr.lp, fp.srk
i find that the is inconsistent and get’s stuffed or traded with easily so i don’t really use it as a frame trap/kara bait.


Thanks for the tips guys. I feel I just need more patient offense like mentioned above such as whiff punishing fireballs. Cheer me on I’m at the austin capcom tourney!!

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thanks for the ass whoopins online


I played you???

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yeah I cant forget your gamertag. Im tryna get to your level, Slowly but surely


What’s your gt?

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John Stamos SRK


I have noticed DRS Chris does this thing where he sets up a throw by using:

Cr.LK > st.LP > Backdash > Kara throw…

Something like that I haven’t tried it.


After playing Ken for a while now, I think he’s a very weak character. His primary way of getting a knockdown is his kara throw which doesn’t work well at high level play. His sweep is terrible, hadoken is too slow to be used to pressure after low forward. So you’re left with very few tools. I also think his step kick is terrible. It’s too slow to really be effective in SF4.

I’ve run into this exact problem that you’re having. When your throws don’t work, Ken falls apart. I’ve dropped Ken and you should do the same. Even though I really like the character and his style, he is very flawed in SF4.


Most people I play offline tell me that they think Ken’s a very strong character; I agree with them (this includes people that have been playing since the early 2000’s, CvS2 era and they’re very strong. Best K-Groove Rolento in NorCal strong ;)).

Ken’s strength is that he has a counter to just about everything. Every good read can be converted to 20-50%. I believe he has better match-ups than Ryu. Ken’s fundamentals are about as strong as Ryu, you just need a little more patience as Ken’s normals and movement has to be used more sparingly since they’re not as safe. Ken’s gimmicks are also good, not amazing, so use them sparingly.

I believe that he’s the jack of all trades of this game. He has winnable bad match-ups, Sim being the only insane one.

To be good with Ryu and Ken in this game, I truly believe that you need strong SFII fundamentals. They’re gimmicks aren’t at the top so you need a strong neutral game.

I strongly believe that DRS Chris is one of the most fundamentally strong, with enough assertiveness to just throw unsolid shit out there to keep his opponent on his toes, in the US. Solid play can only get you so far, that’s when you put your own style into the mix(this is what I’m struggling with at the moment).

Ken’s amazing, you just can’t play him in auto-pilot mode.


I agree with you joutai. Very well said.

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heres a tip, a little something to add to your game, after a fp dp, do an immediate fake thunder kick into, the lk is meaty on quick risers, if they don’t quick rise, do a neutral jumping hk tatsu, get the timing down so that it crosses up, its very ambigious, if landed you get an easy,, st.lp, fp dp/cr.mkxx ex tatsu

it beats back dashing and if your off by the timing, and it hits frontal, if you have hit them crossed up, it really messes with them. good against guile too, if he wants to charge his flash kick and not quick rise against your, then the tatsu will either hit his flash kick or make the flash kick whiff and you get a free combo.